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Have you ever met someone who changed your life forver?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) February 22nd, 2009

Even if it was brief encounter.

Who was it, and why?

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Yes, her name was Mary Jane. I can remember the first time we met… it was love at first site. Ever since I have been much cooler, more laid back, and I feel like she helped me “find myself”

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Yes, yes, Yes I have. I feel like there are a number of them in my life. Some people have come into my life and I knew that they were just passing through, but some of them that passing through changed everything. I have had the one that taught me that despite previous mistakes I can be the person I want to be. I have the one that saved me from myself. I have the ones that believe in my future. I truly believe that some people come into your life right when you need them to, JUST to change it.

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to tennesseejac, is her sisters name Alice Dee?

yes I have, but not lately. I suppose it’s much easier to have life changing events before there is very much life under the belt…

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Well, sure. Many. Just about everything one experiences in life changes the life one is leading in some way or another.

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yes, it was a choir director i had for 3 summers in high school. ive never met anyone like him, he has so much love and compassion for everything and anyone. he really changed the way i treat and love others.

id never give up that experience for anything.

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yep, and the best thing I ever did was marry her. Through her I met some of the most awesome people to ever walk the earth. And she helped me to get away from my really fucked up family. I owe her my life.

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I have. I have been very, very fortunate to come across many people like that in my life to date. Some brief encounters, some not so brief, many life changing.

@tennesseejac if I were not heterosexual I think I would like to meet this Mary Jane, might she have a brother? I met a guy named Roach Bongwater once, I wonder if that is him.

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Yes, a few. I have been very lucky. I married one of them, like I said, I’m the lucky one.

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Yes: eighth grade English teacher.

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I was traveling in South Africa, and one of the guys I was living with was a bum. Literally. He travels all over the world (most of the time illegally) and his UK passport expired about 8 months ago. So, he’s no one now. When we parted ways, he was going on a south to north trek across Africa with only a knife and a pair of bolt cutters. Last thig I heard he was in some deep shit and is now back in the UK.

Anyways we had a few philosophical conversations, and I will always remember what he said. He taught me the value of living differently than everyone else. Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself

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Yeah, my husband first and foremost. My 8th grade science teacher. My 11th grade science teacher. My daughter. My son.

Every single one has challenged my perceptions of myself and encouraged me to grow into a better person.

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Tom Cruise’s uncle

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I had to take an art class in order to get my Baccalaureate degree. The only thing available was a painting class. Though I enjoyed sculpting I had not painted for years. Being a cocky self-made artist I decided this class would be a piece of cake- easy “A” I could not have been further from the truth.

My instuctor was the Art version of “Dr. House” She cut ego with regular reality check and made us question our every brush stroke. If we worked on a painting for days she would cut it to the quick- and then when we were exasperated and decided we were destined to fail she looked over our shoulders and suddenly gave APPROVAL.

She was brutal but she was RIGHT.
She made me realize that true art is planned and that each stroke was important.
She taught us that we will never know all there is to know about art and in me she instilled an eager desire to continue learning that is still with me today.

Because of her I can honestly say that my work improves with each painting.

Because of her the awards and publications do not pump up my ego- because the goal is not me. The goal is to create a masterpiece. The artist is not important- the art is.

I should send her a letter of thanks. Yeah- I am going to do that. Lurve for the reminder and the good question.

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You, shockvalue, my darling.

But in all honesty, my best friend, my ex boyfriend, Annie Leibovitz, my 5th grade teacher, my photo teacher, and a few movies I’ve seen (no lie).

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I think that anyone we become good friends with in one way or another change our lives forever. so I have met many people who have done this.

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A 42 year old version of myself. Her name is Denise. She opened my eyes to a lot of things I was lying to myself about. She reinstilled the positivity I had lost years ago and couldn’t figure out how to get back.

Kevin. The first person I ever legitimately fell for. It didn’t work out. He wasn’t the exception in my life, but the feelings that kid stirred up never occurred prior to and haven’t since. I don’t know what label he’d take but he changed my life.

My father. I have never felt trust in anyone as I have felt trust in my father. Or love, I have never felt complete love like the love my father gave me. By giving me complete love and trust, my dad definitely changed my life.

The only friend that has for 15 years fulfilled the ideal of a best friend. She’s been around for this long, I don’t know if she’ll be around forever but I am blessed if she will be. She changed my life by accepting my flaws, my wrongdoings, appreciating my genuine character and relating to and empathizing with all situations of my life.

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Corny but true. My wife.

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Nothing corny about that! The one that changed my life the most is my husband. :)

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my son (and therefore unfortunately his good for nothing father)

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That are three of my friend.Those were my engine.

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two people spring to mind.

My Wife
My Son

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The Reverund Billy Graham

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My boyfriend, who tought me that love don’t care about age or situation.

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My husband, who made the decision not to listen to me when I said that I couldn’t see him anymore. He me the next day saying that the was not going to spend the rest of his life wishing we had dated, and I needed to figure out a way to make that happen. I broke up with the other guy that very afternoon.
By the way, that’s the last time he totally disregarded something I said :)

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My first choice is my dad (he adopted me at 6 after my birth father gave up his parental rights). He never treated me any different from his blood family members, and in fact, revered me… He taught me the basic principles by which I live my life: Honesty, integrity, love.

Mary Jane is a close second. **wink**

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@lynneblundell So obviously his father was good for something

: )

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Yes my best friend because she showed me that I was making life seem a lot worse than it really is. Thank GOD for her.

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I would say that there are about five people (unrelated to me) I’ve met who have had a profound impact on my life. All are friends (past and present) who have taught me something wonderful about grace, acceptance, love, family, and priorities.

I love that teachers make such an impact!!!!!

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I think that people touch you in many ways – both the good ones and the bad ones. The boss I had, who hated me, definitely changed my health. My life will never be the same because of my children. I learned more about me being Me with my ex-husbands. And my Love has shown me that there are prefect matches – at least I Hope So! (smile) The song “For Good” from “Wicked” always makes me think about how people touch our lives.

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many people have changed my life in small but significant ways

My former boss at the radio station did not teach me much about radio, but he taught me how to be a good dad

One of my university professors taught me how to be tidy and environmentally conscious (by turning his own car into a dumpster)

Another of my teachers taught me a lot about art, but also about knowledge and how to obtain it. He made me love what I was studying.

and of course my dad taught me a lot of things throughout.

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My Eighth Grade English teacher, also!

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my choir teacher from high school and my 12th grade lit teacher. my choir director is the reason i sing well today and my 12th grade lit teacher taught me how to write. he also taught me that teachers can be cool. he was soooo cool.

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i don’t know, most of the people i meet have a pretty long-lasting effect on me, even if it’s just a minor change.
i feel like my psych teacher has gotten me to see a lot of things differently though. i’ve only known him since the beginning of the school year, but he’s definitely changed my life.

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My mama and I are really close and I thank God everyday that I have her because if it wouldn`t be for her I wouldnt be here where I am today and and she has made me what I am.

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ohh gosh yes. i’ve met two really influencial people.

the first was my softball coach that passed away early this year. he was such a big part of the community. at some point in time he had coached basketball and baseball, and when he died he was the softball, football, and archery coach, as well as the PE/health teacher for K-12 at my school. he taught everyone who knew him so much. he was an amazing person; just one of those people who’d make you feel better when you were having a bad day. he would do anything for anyone. he made me such a better person. the sad part is that i really didn’t realize how much of a difference he had made in my life until he was gone.

the second is my current best friend. well, she’s my everything. it’s so weird to talk about to people because i honestly don’t think anyone else in the world would understand how much i love her. i need her more than anything. i would do or give up anything for her. she’s the nicest person i’ve ever met, and she wants nothing more than for me to be happy. i’ve never cared about anything or anyone more. it’s really hard to explain. we fight, but it’s always over ridiculous stuff. we’re not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other. she makes me more happy than anyone i’ll have ever met. i seriously cannot imagine my life without her; i can’t imagine myself without her. every single thing i do or see reminds me of her. she’s truly my other half. she’s made me so much better because i constantly think how she would want me to do things, what she would think would be the right decision. i can’t stop talking to her ever. we text 24/7 and talk on the phone every few days. i’ve never been so attached to anyone. i honestly think if i lost her, i’d die. seeing her smile makes everything better. i don’t know who i’d be today if we hadn’t met.

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everyone i meet has some kind of effect on my life even of its good or bad. But mostly good!!!

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I tend to look at every person I meet is for a reason. Whether it is to fight with them or to become the best of friend or fall in love. Everyone is put in your life at a certain time for the right reason. :)

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Yes and even though it hasn’t always been easy to know this person and I haven’t always been happy in the time that I have known them they are the most important person in my world and despite how difficult they sometimes make my life I NEVER want to be without them.

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You mean besides the woman who became my wife? I think it would be the biological mother of my children. The oldest two, as some of you may recall, are 22 year old twins who wifey and I raised since age 7. The youngest, age 9, we adopted from birth.

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Yes he is my fiance now and he is my whole world. He helped me get up the strength to get away from my mentally, emotionally, and if I was with him long enough it would have been physically abusive boyfriend, I was controlled by him and my fiance got me out of his control and into his loving arms forever!!!

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Every day. Some leave a greater impact then others. But all change the course of my life.

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I think it will be myself, once I find her. Other than that, definitely some teachers and friends. And I love them for it!

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I’ve been blessed to have met many characters who have, indeed, changed my life. I am grateful.

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The father of my child. He disappeared, but I never did. He missed out on the most incredible unfolding life imaginable.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus as you may (or may not) know…this is happened to me too. Idiots!

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@nebule…....I am not sure if I remember that or not. However….

It was their loss. :)

Sometimes men don’t appreciate the value of a great woman…and the value of loving a child unconditionally. It’s the good men that are hard to find (but they are out there…at least, that’s what I am hoping.)

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