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What kinds of fruit can i grow insde?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) February 22nd, 2009

what success have you had with indoor food growing?

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Where do you live? What kind of light and exposure do you have inside? What is the average temperature?

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Tomatoes in front of a south facing window. and yes, technically, it is a fruit…
I know of people who have dwarf orange and lemon trees inside. But they are plagued by mites and leaf mold/fungus. I grew bananas, but they take so long it was more like an ornamental plant.

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My brother in law grows habanero peppers indoors. Peppers are a fruit, and they will thrive indoors given enough light, water and plant food. They need lots of light, though.

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@gailcalled Ohio, im sure i could create more light if i had to, and about 70–75 i would say.

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Not technically a fruit, but you can grow completely edible mushrooms inside as long as you’re willing to spray them with water twice a day, and keep the temp. consistently between 68 and 72. I can attest that eaten fresh, they’re much more delicious than the ones you buy in the store.

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Sometimes it’s hard to grow fruit inside if it’s not self-pollinating (or pollinated by you). It also takes a lot of sun energy for a plant to make a fruit – they’re a pretty big investment for a plant. While I’ve heard of smaller things like herbs grown in a sunny window, grow lights are often necessary for food production.

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Here’s some Fruity info.

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We used to grow avocado plants from the pits as youngsters (also pineapples). But in the NE, there was no chance of fruit without a controlled greenhouse.

Our banana trees also grew so fast that one had to either prune often or cut a hole in the roof. But, yes, we had no bananas.

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It takes about 20 years for an avocado tree to produce fruit even if planted in a good outdoor climate for them- and if it happens to be a male plant it won’t ever have any. But they make a fun houseplant to grow from a seed. There are lots of citrus trees you could try. Ponderosa lemon is a good one.

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@greylady: In Ohio, particularly given this winter?

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They, and the Meyer Orange are sold as houseplants. I gave a lemon tree start to my Dad once, and it got 2 lemons on it. This is in north central MN.

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@greylady: Did they last more than one season? How much did you prorate for each lemon?

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It grew for about 3 years, then had one lemon at a time for 2 years, and then died. He pollinated the flowers with a cotton swab. It got about 2 feet tall, but I would have to say that he wasn’t the best houseplant person even though he was a very good farmer! He kept it in an east window, which it did seem to like.

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