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A wierd coincidence?

Asked by itsnotmyfault1 (198points) October 14th, 2007

I’ve noticed that the song “Blue Bolivar Blues” by Thelonious Monk Quartet sounds a lot like “Cruella de Vil” from 101 Dalmations. 101 Dalmations came out 1961, Monk’s Dream (the CD i was listening to this track on) came out 1962.

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I’d feel awkard about posting the actual song… that’s piracy (not that that usually stops me). Also, it’s on my computer as whatever iTunes imports CD’s as (not mp3)... and i’m not really positive on how to post files.

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I haven’t heard the songs (I’ll check out 30 sec of each on iTunes, if available) but just because Monk’s Dream came out in ‘62, it doesn’t mean he wrote the tune in that year or even recorded it then. It’s also possible there’s a common ancestor melodic motif. I think I’ll do some research…isn’t it Cruella de Ville, like the Cadillac?

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OK. First, you’re right, it’s Cruella de Vil.
There’s a melodic similarity due to the use of repeated and sequenced one bar ascending semi-chromatic passages. We could probably find a couple of hundred more tunes with the same idea. Including, Blue Monk which is very similar to Blue Boliva Blues. Major differences: Boliva is a modified blues progression, while Cruella has a completely different structure. Yes, the short ascending melodic phrases are similar. Other than that, there’s very little that’s similar.

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i know there are differences, i’ve listened to both songs…
the main point of my question was to see if anyone else started singing “cruella de vil (bomp), cruella de vil… if she doesnt scare you… BOMP” when the song first came on (and it goes back to the same pattern at the end.)

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I personally haven’t herd the song, but there are many instances where songs are stolen/modified by bands other than the original band. Case and point – Daft Punk. Look up on YouTube ‘Where Daft Punk Got There Songs From”. So ya, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is th case.

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thats a little different
daft punk, mstrkrft, booka shade, the knife, etc. are electronic sort of bands, and do REMIXES of songs. They probably had to pay for samples.
Also, a lot of hiphop/rap/r&b/whatever does the same thing
other times… people get mad over things that seem pretty much like obvious rips. Example: Ice Ice Baby vs. Under Pressure
The Blow’s “True Affection” was free on iTunes, and the whole comment space filled up with “Laffy Taffy!! o wait… no?”
This probably just sounds similar, and i was kind of bored, and thought i’d share

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it isthe same music. Bolivar Blues was written by Monk in 1958.
I have the sheet music for both and they are even in the same key.
(It still could be a coincidence) The pieces are very very very similar.

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