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Are music and movie companies finally going to stop limiting our ability to copy digital materials (Is the end of DRM nigh)?

Asked by iamthemob (17191points) October 7th, 2010

I just downloaded my newest version of iTunes, and noticed the iTunes Plus option. It seems that I can now “upgrade” all of my music that was previously purchased on iTunes so that there are no DRM associated limits.

I’ve found mac products to be both ahead of the curve and still holding on with dear life to copyright protocols, and so this seems like a big step forward for the music (and perhaps video) market.

Why haven’t I heard about this? And does everyone think that this means that the music industry is FINALLY embracing the digital market?

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That’s been a feature in iTunes for a least a couple of years, and other sources (Amazon, etc.) do offer DRM-free music. I think some people get it, but there are still a lot who feel “We do not want them to steal our stuff”, means “use DRM”.

The most telling visual of this I’ve seen is:

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It’s amazing, I agree, that you pay in order to get marketed to. Do you think that social networking and the market validity of viral marketing is replacing the need to build this in and end the DRM trend?

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iTunes has never really been ahead of the curve. It’s started offering DRM free music way after sites like Amazon and 7-digital did, and that was only because they wanted to stay competitive. Throughout its recent history Apple really hasn’t done anything to win the hearts of developers and power users, and even average users sometimes find their attitude to be pretty pompous. (I realize I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I’m typing this on a MacBook Pro!) Apple makes good (but extremely expensive) hardware, but they screw their users in many other ways. DRM was just one of these shafts. Apple never outfits their computers with some kind of standard video out port, instead insisting on going with things like “Mini Display Port” which nobody but them supports. You’ve gotta shell out $30 for a stupid eight inch long converter cable that probably clost $5 to manufacture.

DRM free music was what Apple should have done from the beginning, so I don’t think their iTunes Plus idea is anything progressive – they’re just playing catch-up.

In my humble opinion, everything will eventually become free over the internet. Why? Because there aren’t enough policemen/women in the world to effectively combat piracy. People do it every day. It’s also been proven that giving stuff away for free and asking for donations actually makes more money than selling it. Take one of Aerosmith’s recent albums, or the “Humble Indie Game Bundle”, both of which raised far more money than they would have if sold in stores.

Glad to see Apple has gotten with the program. Only time will tell if the movie and record companies will too.

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DRM free music was what Apple should have done from the beginning, so I don’t think their iTunes Plus idea is anything progressive – they’re just playing catch-up.

I agree – this is what I meant when I said that they were holding onto those copyright protocols – I feel like even the people who were digging in their heels are finally realizing what they should have done all along.

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companies should end all these stupid rewards and incentive programs that clutter our mailboxes with trash and blow up our email in-boxes.

instead, they could buy into redemtion tickets where their bottle caps, coupons and box tops are traded for entertainment venues. that way, you know immediately who the movie/song was “brought to you by”.

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Musicians and performers making their art in front of LIVE audiences?!?!

Who’d have thunk it? ;-)

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what does DRM mean?

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Digital Rights Management

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