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512Mb RAM at 333MHz or 768Mb at 266MHz?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) February 24th, 2009

Wanted to know whether to use my old 256Mb module that runs at 266MHz together with my new 512Mb module that runs faster if run alone. (both are DDR) Should I prefer speed or amount? Thanks for your info!

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I think I personally would only put one stick in (the 512Mb) but that’s just because the way I work. I think you would probably notice a better speed difference with the two sticks over the one stick. Maybe it’s worth a test? It’s not as if you’re talking about the differences between 800Mhz and 1066Mhz :)

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why not 1.2 g at 266mhz? the 512 will slow down, but its not really that much that would make a difference, but since you have over a gig of ram the mhz speed wont really be that big an issue since you have twice the storage.

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