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Whats the difference if a computer has 2gb mem and a 250 gb hard drive?

Asked by Resistka (160points) October 31st, 2011

I’m not quite sure, I looked up a laptop that my Grandma had just ordered me. it says it has 2gb Memory and 250 Gb Hard drive. Whats the difference? What are advances?

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hard drive memory is permanent. that is where you store your documents, files, videos, the OS, etc.
The 2GB are Ram, which is temporary memory, where programs can store data while they are running. It gets erased every time you shut off your machine. It is also a lot faster than the hard drive.

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For the laymen…. memory is the speed of the computer. The more memory, or the more advanced the memory is (ddr<ddr2<ddr3), the faster your computer is.

Hard drive, is storage space. The more hard drive, the more space you’ll have for whatever you put on your computer.

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ram and hard disk space storage. Another number you might be interested in is the video card’s memory ^^

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All that memory might not be fully used if your frontside bus can’t handle it. However, the larger the drive, the more virtual memory you have available.

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In simple terms, the RAM is used for application memory storage, and the more RAM you have the more multitasking power you have. The 2GB is your system RAM.

The 250GB is your hard drive space. This is basically where all your files, applications, and programs are stored. The more of it you have, the more storage space you’ll have.

Both RAM and HD are upgradeable, although it may have a limited selection since laptops aren’t made for upgrading and can be severely limited by heat transfer and size.

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