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What's the possibility of apple releasing an AOL instant messenger application for like iPhone like you see on the T-Mobile Sidekick?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) October 16th, 2007

And does anyone have any suggestions to a good webapp instant messenger for the iphone.. I’ve been using beejive but I was wondering if there was something better…

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Have you tried meebo? I don’t know how it works with iPhone, but I use it all the time for online ims.

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Rumors persist that they might develop an iChat app with future updates, perhaps following the release of the Leopard OS.

I use BeeJive; others available are meebo and mundu… the reviews seem to vary, so try each and see which you prefer.

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I use meebo and I love it.
Works great on the iPhone =)

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Meebo works brilliantly on the iPod touch too. Highly recommended.

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Meebo (very good) and also the AIM app from the App Store…

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