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If you live with a pet, what are some of their unique behaviors?

Asked by purephase (749points) February 24th, 2009

My girlfriend has 2 cats, one named Bubba. He is a lap-aholic. If you were to sew him to your lap and just bring him his dish or littler box, he’d be a happy camper. Well, when I don’t let him on my lap he gets really angry. He does this thing where his ears flatten completely out and they stick out to the side. He puffs his cheeks out and his whiskers separate. Then he just sits there and gives me the stare of death. He’ll put one paw on my leg and slowly try to inch his way back on. It’s the funniest thing ever. What about you guys?

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my hermit crab loves to sit on her beach…


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I had 2 cats that I recently had to let go, Pisces and Freedom. Both of them did this little act that I called the “look how cute I am” act. It involved laying on their backs, all four paws in the air, and as soon as you noticed, they’d sort of roll and stretch. The more you doted on them… (oh, Pisces you’re sooooo cute…), the more they’d roll around and stretch. It WAS really cute.

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I have two cats and I’ve noticed that if they are eating their dry food Boo will eat from the right bowl and Misty from the left. If it is their evening wet food (they only get this once a day) it is the opposite, Misty on the right and Boo on the left. It’s actually funny to watch because they will literally be bumping off each other to get to the correct dish.

Misty has an OCD termed “pica syndrome”, it is the need to consume unnatural things. She’ll eat any type of material that is thin enough to gnaw on. She doesn’t suck on it, she gnaws with her back teeth and consumes it. She has eaten holes in my flannel sheets, socks, the inner pockets of my jeans, t-shirts, sweat shirts (she’ll eat the cuff it’s thinner than the jersey knit), sweaters, etc., the list is long. Needless to say no clothing is left out in our house. At least she doesn’t eat towels! I also can’t have bar soap out because she’ll lick that until she’s sick. I think God gave her to my husband and I because we would tolerate her and adjust our lives to deal with her problems instead of get rid of her.

Boo, he’s just obsessed with me and could care less if my husband was around some days. He has to be in my arms (he likes to be slung over my shoulder) every moment he’s awake. He’ll try to jump on me before I’ve even had a chance to take my jacket off. If he could eat there he’d be a happier cat. He just stays there purring and staring at me, it’s good to be loved but he’ll want to do this when I’m eating, when I’m in the bathroom, when there is company over, all the time regardless of what I’m doing.

They are our kids though, so we deal with it.

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Lurve for a cat named Boo.

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@angel_D: our other cat (Bean) likes to lick material. Like the curtains or cloth grocery bags. She doesn’t eat them but just contantly licks. The curtains always stick to her tongue.

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At least the licking isn’t so destructive, still weird though. Cats’ tongues are like sand paper so I can see why the curtain sticks.

I’ve only met one other person online that had a cat with the same condition of pica. It is more common in dogs (they will eat rocks, mud and underwear to name a few things). Misty can easily die from a blockage of material in her intestines which is why we’re so diligent about keeping stuff away from her. She’s also insured so that helps ease the worries.

Boo was originally called Tony but that only lasted about 2 weeks, and he’s been the Boo man ever since.

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I have bearded dragons as pets. They’re curious simple creatures. It’s fun to figure out how their primitive little brains work (how far they can see, whether their hearing is better than sight, etc). They’re actually a very nice pet, they don’t bite, you don’t have to walk them, and they don’t make a peep. Then again they also don’t cuddle up to you.

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We have a very silly dog – she is adorable, but does some really weird things.

She loves blankets, towels – anything, as long as they don’t confine her. She loves (unfortunately) the drapes in our living room. She paws at them, weaves in and out of them and gets tangled in them.

One day, after she came back inside, she was so itchy – this was before I found out she had a grass allergy, I caught her rubbing her back on the drapes. She had hunched down enough for it to be her back – not rear – to scratch her back. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen a dog do, she even seemed like she was smiling. It was that “oh, sweet relief!” look. Since then, unless I have the drapes back, she’ll still play in them and if she needs to be scratched, she’ll handle it herself.

Crazy dog.

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Way too much! You will never stop learning! My cat is eight and I still learn new talents she has and things she does. Get a pet. You will not regret it.

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That paints a funny picture.

My dog had grass allergies too. I didn’t realize how common that is until recently.

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@purephase – it’s a little disturbing, but very funny. She’s a goofball!

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The unique behaviors that my dog has that everytime I say “walk” or “food” she tilts her head evrytime. (Its telling me she understands)

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