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Why is kissing enjoyable?

Asked by peyton_farquhar (3741points) February 25th, 2009

Why don’t you get bored after 15 minutes?

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I don’t do it that long. We move on to other things.

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The sensuality and the intimate connection do it for me. It’s a pleasant sensation, and I know that it can be a means to an end. It’s kinda like cuddling; no real point if it’s not leading to an eventual orgasm, but it still feels nice, intimate, pleasurable, and comforting.

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Because the lips are one of the most sensitive areas. Kissing sparks a surge of hormones in our brains, that’s why it feels soooo gooood.

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Kissing is foreplay, Its hot.. especially since when you start dating

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Yeah, like @TitsMcGhee said, it’s about intimacy, letting another cross your boundaries.

The mouth is extremely personal. We’re normally very protective of our faces; in some ways the face feels like the center of our being. And the mouth is like a gateway into our very interior. That’s heavy psychological juju. Allowing someone to cross that frontier is quite an expression of trust. And the fact that the other is yielding in the same vulnerable way leads to a feeling of melding and surrender. Psychologically, we harbor a wish to let down our defenses and feel the same intimacy that we felt as babies in our mother’s arms.

Kissing works as foreplay because it acts as a first test of the other’s commitment to trust before allowing the ultimate surrender.

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Kissing is wonderful.

Taking your time, kissing and touching and not rushing into other things – that, to me, is the key to other wonderful things!

A really great kiss is so memorable.

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I have only kissed a girl for a maximum of 10 seconds…. :S

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I think it has something to do with the facial contact. Thinks about all the other facial contact that feels good: touching someone’s cheek, brushing hair out of the eyes, butterfly kisses. Touching the face is incredibly intimate, however you’re doing it, so if you let someone that close, a certain amount of trust is involved.

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I fucking love kissing.
With the right person?
There’s a feeling there that no other contact can bring.
Wish I could explain it.

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