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Is the Nintendo Wii all it is cracked up to be? What are the best games for it so far?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) November 22nd, 2006
I want to buy my brother the Wii for xmas, what are the "must have" games for it?
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Good luck finding one. It's a pretty novel system in terms of the way you swing it
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And to see people actually breaking into a sweat... that's exciting.
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Is he a big gamer?
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Yeah, huge
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I got him the 360 last year off EBay
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The Wii looks pretty exciting. The big game to get is Zelda. I also think Monkey Ball will be fun.
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I had a chance to play Wii last night: bowling and tennis and saw someone do baseball. You really move doing it, and it was fun.
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I think if he has a 360, then the Wii is a great choice.
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