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Is there a trick to winning ebay bids?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) November 22nd, 2006
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Snipe. Place your bid as late as possible.
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Go to
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You can enter any bid for any item by entering the item # and the bid amount. You can also enter the time thaty you want to snipe the auction (i.e., I have my sniper set at 5 seconds before the auction end).
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Figure out what the top bid amount is that you choose to pay. Then enter that amount. For example, if you are willing to pay $100 for that item, then I would enter $103.77. It is wise to up the bid just a bid so that if someone else bids $100.00 (or any other "even" amount), then your bid will win. People are getting wise about that kind of bid, but it still seems to work best for me.,
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Wow,!! Great!
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Try waiting until the last minute and bid as high as you're willing to go.
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be persistent. I try to mostly go for "Buy it Now" auctions so that I know I get whatever item tickles my fancy as opposed to hoping I get it, even though it sometimes costs more.
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literally, bidding your highest in the last 10 seconds. i actually get a stopwatch so i don't have to check by refreshing the screen.
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I’ve been using ebay for 40 years…well, since 2001 and the method i use to win auctions has been very successful. I “watch” the item I want and wait until the final 30 seconds of the auction and place a bid of the highest amount i’d be willing to pay for the item. By doing this, i eliminate anyone from slipping in another bid and if the thing goes for more than my highest bid i say “enjoy that item” to the winning bidder.

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This is something I am also curious about?

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i don’t think so , i don’t know how to use ebay ?

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