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Did something work out that had no chance of working out?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) February 26th, 2009
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We didn’t think we would be able to have kids because of my long history of ovarian cysts, tumors and surgery. But one look at my avatar proves otherwise!

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@dragonflyfaith whhoooo go you!!!!
We thought that my grandfather was sure to pass away last summer but he survived but sadly he died the morning after my niece was born. Well I guess you gain one you lose one. But I know he`s happy to finally be with my grandma once again after 8 long months without her.

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My ex is still alive after 9… count ‘em 9 heart attacks! The first one blew out his right coronary artery, and should have killed him. 2 weeks later, he had a quadruple CABG (bypass). During the following attacks he had a total of 9 stents implanted.

The bypass and all the stents have since collapsed, and his heart made it’s own collateral artery, so he is just hanging on by a thread. The first attack was 8 years ago!! I think he should be in Ripley’s Beleive it or Not!!

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You ask too many questions :)

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My husband died on the operating table but came back. He died again when his gall bladder ruptured, but he came back that time, too, although he was in a coma for three weeks and the doc asked me if I had a black dress.

Also, when he became disabled and could no longer drive and take care of the kids I discovered a way that let me retire on a pension so I could work from home and take care of everyone.

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@scamp yea he really should!
@90s_kid who?

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@Darwin Aww go you doing all that on your own! You are a very tough woman and your husband is a warrior

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Yea it really sucks

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@LouisianaGirl – I promised to do it for better or worse, in sickness and in health, and all that jazz. I just hate the parts that involve rubber gloves.

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@Darwin hahaha he`s very lucky to have you stand by him and help him. Yep they were in your vowels. Poor you and the rubber gloves!

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My Dad had the dissecting aortic aneurysm condition that killed John Ritterand had to wait 2 hours for surgery. The ER doctor told us to say goodbye that he virtually had no chance. And yet he is alive today 8 years later.

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Ha, Yes. I met a guy online and we were talking for a while. But I met and spoke to a lotttttttt of people on there..I thought he was such a dick because of his sense of humor. I was in Florida at that time, he was in Cali. We kept talking for a few months.. And thennnnnnn…

I flew out to see him, and we’ve been together since.

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My SO and I will have been together 15 months next weekend. He’s an Indian born in America, and I am a southern blond. refer to the avatar Until January of this year, he had kept me a secret from his family because, in his culture, interracial relationships are utterly despicable. Every time we saw each other it was a massive risk. After 13 months, and what looked like another decade of doing the same thing, I basically gave him an ultimadum: Tell your parents, or we have to break up. Later in life, I didn’t want him to have to choose between me or his family. I wanted him to be able to have both a wife and the love of his parents, so, despite how much it would’ve hurt, I was willing to let him go…..
Risking disownment, being forced to move back home from college, and living under essentially house arrest, he told them that night.

They accepted the fact that their son was dating a non-Indian after much convincing and coaxing. They are still getting used to the idea, but things are more open now. He doesn’t have to lie to them anymore. It’s all working out… Things are going to be okay. :)

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@Sloane2024 That’s awesome, and super cute.

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@90s_kid Yep, and Daloon’s lurve reflects that fact doesn’t it?

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@dragonflyfaith: I’m afraid that until he sets up a new identity, if he decides to, and if he is allowed to, @90s_kid will not get to see your answer, or so I’m told by PnL. He’s been banned. Thanks for the support, though. I really appreciate it.

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@daloonHe was? Why? Did I miss something again?

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@Darwin: No. I learned it last night. I think it just happened yesterday. Ask PnL if you are interested. I think she said he’d been pretty vicious towards some jellies, and wouldn’t stop after many warnings. Also he was gaming lurve, by lurving himself (I didn’t think that was possible). Oh. Maybe from an alternate identity.

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@daloonOh, the joys of being a teenager in an adult world. Too bad. I rather liked him at times, although he could be snarky.

Gaming lurve? Why?! It doesn’t even have a potential value, unlike quest gold on another, not-to-be-named-here site.

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@Darwin: you have to ask the mods. I can’t explain it. I never found him to be a problem, either. And your point about lurve is well-taken. Everyone who has been around a while knows the value of someone else, no matter what the number is next to their lurve.

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