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Do you believe Atlantis really existed or is it a myth?

Asked by silverangel (936points) September 29th, 2011

There are several debates and opinions about whether Atlantis really existed once or it was a legend. What do you think, did it really exist or not? If possible, can you state a reason for your choice?

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I don’t believe in all of the “legends of Atlantis”, but the topic of submerged cities isn’t so out of this world. Take your pick.

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Plato most likely made it up to illustrate a point – he was known to do that sort of thing.

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Scroll down to #4
“Since continents float on the sima much like icebergs float on water, a continent cannot simply “sink” under the ocean”.
As @Nullo said, “Plato was not describing a real place any more than his allegory of the cave describes a real cave. The purpose of Atlantis is to express a moral message in a discussion of ideal societies, a favorite theme of his”

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Yes. I believe it was true. A lot of other civilizations were lost and we barely found evidence.

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I think the BBC programme Atlantis was a very interesting story of a lost civilisation. It was certainly believable.

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Well there is a huge chunk of crust missing in the Atlantic so maybe it blasted off rather than sunk?

Okay so the missing hunk is true, but I don’t believe in Atlantis, buy if proof comes in proving otherwise, I’m completely willing to accept it.

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It isn’t that unbelievable. Some documentaries indicate that existing civilizations will be below sea level as time unfolds…..

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I believe there are many mysteries we have not solved and plenty of ancient civilizations yet to be discovered, uncovered.
Regardless of certain myths or historical references, a lot of mankinds beginnings still remain a mystery. Anything is possible.

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I believe… That people make too big a deal out of things that should, for all intents and purposes, even if they did exist, be merely chalked up to history and not much more than that.

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I believe that a civilization and city closely resembling Atlantis could certainly have existed sometime in the past.

Although no one can prove Atlantis existed, they can’t prove it didn’t exist either.

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I think that it is possible that Atlantis existed. Plato did write about it & he based it upon very ancient Egyptian information. I think it is possible that we have not yet discovered any number of ancient civilizations.

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The current theory is that Atlantis was the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Crete. It is thought that when Plato described Atlantis, he confused two calenders and that the actual date of the sinking of Atlantis happened on a later date. This later date coincides with the eruption of a volcano near Crete. Archaeological excavations of Minoan cities shows debris fields similar to what might be caused by a tsunami. The Minoan civilization was consider very advanced, with artwork and a very organized society.

For sources, I would have to say a combination of TV shows, books, and a wikipedia article.

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I believe that Atlantis exists in the future… for example we are using crystals in computing so I think that Atlantis wasn’t destroyed but simply went into the future.

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…sorry double post.

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