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Who enjoys dusting?

Asked by Jamspoon (1416points) February 26th, 2009

When I moved into this place I was pretty fastidious with vacuuming, dusting, and keeping furniture clean but the more settled in I got the more I noticed how dusty this house is.

Almost immediately after dusting, furniture already begins to get dusty again. If I don’t use my computer for a day the keyboard collects so much dust it looks like it hasn’t been touched for a month.

The futility of trying to stay on top of the situation has caused me to lessen the amount I dust, which is entirely the opposite of what I should be doing.

It’s made me consider our drive to appropriate mass quantities of stuff to stuff into our living spaces from a different perspective and how it fits so comfortably into consumer culture.

I remember Thoreau commented on this in the beginning of Walden, though I forget exactly what he said I remember he held what we might call “the nesting impulse” in very low regard as it led to much wasted time. Time that could be spent improving one’s life rather then maintaining it.

I was curious as to how everybody else felt about this.

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My neighbor installed a heat pump and sealed up all the cracks in her house. She never has to dust. I heat with propane and wood, my dog and cat go in and out of their own door all day, not to mention myself/my own door, and I live at the beach, and the wind blows a lot. My house need to be cleaned all the time. She gets a lot more done in her life than I do in mine and I now see that THIS IS WHY. GRRR.

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Loser does.

I prefer to not have a thousand dust bunnies on my bedroom floor, so the chore of sweeping or vacuuming is worth it, and my furniture does look noticeably nicer after I polish it. I don’t like doing it so much, and I don’t do it so much, but the fruits of my labors are worth it enough that I give my room a brief clean once a month.

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I thought you were talking about a new drug fad until I saw the question comments. No, I hate dusting.

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I like to dust, well, i like most cleaning in general. Maybe try changing out your air filters more often, and don’t use the cheap ones.

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umm not to many people ?
haha but if you like it good for you because at least you know you will never have a dusty house !

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yeah I know…Im weird :) I love to buy cleaning supplies, come home, turn on some good music, sing/dance while cleaning! haha ok ill go hide in a corner now

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Air cans are my computer’s friend.

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I love dusting.

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How should we spend our time? What really matters? Why does having a dustless house matter? Is it because of health (probably only in the case of someone with serious allergies). Is it so you won’t look bad when someone visits? Is it because you really, really love to dust?

Some reasons make sense to me; others don’t. Different reasons might make sense to you. I think that if you believe it is the best thing you can do to make your life go in an integritive, intelligent, social, spiritual way, then do it. If there is something better, then do that.

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Not me.
@babirurtle36 Can you swing by my place? I’ll put on some good tunes. ; )

I have always been a collector of things I love, but also just crap. I think I’m finally getting to the point in my life that I feel like it’s a waste of time and space. One of these days, I’m going to chuck it all!

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@augustlan sure! I’ll even bring some wine…. ill help de-clutter too!

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when i was like 7 years old i used to love dusting. i haven’t seen an actual duster in ages though.

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Dust can make you miserable. I use a sharper image ionic breeze, and it seems to help with the dust somewhat… also investing in a really good vacuum, like one with a good hepa filtration system, seems to help too. I also dust with polish every other time, and maintain with my swiffer duster.

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@tiffyandthewall…jonsblond and I have one of those we keep in our nightstand.

we don’t use it for dusting :)

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