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Which house chore relaxes you?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) January 6th, 2009 from iPhone

I find myself to be really relaxed when I’m washing dishes. What about you?

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Vacuuming. Although, given the chance between house and barn chorse, I always chose barn because that is way more relaxing for me than being in the house.

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I love to fold the laundry while watching TV. And since the laundry is never done – I get to relax a lot, I guess!

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Cleaning the kitchen at my boyfriend’s house. His kitchen is better designed than mine, so I just get a deeper peaceful state in it.

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Taking out the trash.

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When I am very stressed or distressed, organizing relaxes me. Like sorting through toys in a child’s room. It’s one place I can control for a little while when life spirals out of control. g

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Everything that is not the thing that needs to be done. Let me give you an example:

Me: Ok, Brain, we need to sit down and write this research proposal, now!
My Brain: But Les, your socks are not color coordinated. Fix that first.
Me: Fine, Brain, but then after that, time to work.
Arrange Socks
Me: Time to work.
Brain: I believe your floors need to be scrubbed. By hand. Why don’t you do that first?
Me: (meekly) Fine.

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Poor Les….

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Shoveling snow. The fresh air and exercise relaxes me. Though my husband worries the neighbors might think that he “makes” me do it, I look forward to it.

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I like dusting. I’ll listen to music, talk to myself, maybe have a beer. I make a party out of it.

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dishes is mine. love to clean the dishes. and then have soft hands afterwards.

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Laundry, hands down. Not only is the act of folding relaxing, knowing that all my clothes are washed and ready to go is also a great feeling and relaxing too.

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Laundry. I love the smell of clean clothes.

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A better question is, which chore is the least irritating for me to do. I would say sweeping is pretty nice.

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i like laundry, i like organizing, and i like polishing silver.

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This is going to sound odd, but I love vacuuming. I like to sing while I do it…and I love the way the floor looks when I’m done. I even like vacuuming the couch, and the window sills, and the baseboards…
There’s something calming about a clean house.

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Raking leaves or sweeping outside are really the only chores that I can somewhat enjoy. I get fresh air and actually feel like I’m getting exercise.

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Dusting and folding laundry.

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Anything inside the house. I live mopping, dusting, organizing – and my favorite, Windexing and using the Magic Eraser.

I am SO annoyed that I don’t have the time to house clean anymore. My wife does it now that I work so much. She hates it and it shows.

Conversely, I dispise yard work. If I could pave my lawn, I would.

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OMG. The Magic Eraser! I love it! It makes cleaning the walls SO EASY. And there’s kind of a strange satisfaction in erasing all the crayon so that I can start over.

Crayola’s washable crayons wash off the wall so easily there is no reason not play with them. Using the Magic Eraser, they come off quite easily a year later.

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Cleaning the bathroom, dusting, changing the sheets on the bed.

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Sorting, organizing and, best of all, discarding.

@cprevite, as usual I agree with you. I like raising flowers – particularly, as previously noted, opium poppies. But not grass. After many annoyed years, I DID “pave” my yard by putting down groundcloth and then spreading it with 2 inches of clean gravel. It looks kinda like a Parisian park. I put some curvy little metal chairs and tables out there to enhance the feel.
I need a supercilious waiter in a long white apron, and an accordion player. Please advise.

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I don’t mind doing dishes, because the kitchen looks all neat & clean when I’m done, but my most RELAXING chore is ironing. I LOVE to iron.

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Folding the laundry no question!!!

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Vacuuming and carpet cleaning because you can really see a difference, and everything just feels cleaner.

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Mopping. It is like the status bar on a computer. “You are 54% done with mopping this floor”.

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Oh my gawd, ALL OF THEM! I kind of hate cleaning, but once I get into a groove, I scrub all my troubles away!

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I love when the dogs see/hear the vacuum and try to pounce on it then quickly run away then pounce then run away then pounce then….so cute.

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@johnpowel: Lurve for computer analogy. LOL.

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I pretty much hate all house work. The only one I find any pleasure in at all is ironing, which I do about twice a year. I much prefer to make a mess than clean one up!

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I’m having a hard time relating to y’all. I dislike pretty much everything mentioned.

However, babirurtle36 reminded me: I do enjoy making the bed every morning. It relaxes me.

Unmade bed: stress.
Made bed: peace.

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None. That’s why they are called chores.

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if you guys wanna come out to my house and give it a spiffy-up feel free haha
i despise all chores. especially laundry, vacuuming and dishes.

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Um, none. I try to get them all done as quickly as possible on Saturday mornings. If i can get up early and have the house clean before 10am, that’s a bonus. :)

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I asked this question aloud and my husband said,
“Watching you clean.”

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Anything outside, any season. Gardening, raking the lawn, and yes shoveling snow.

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Laundry because it keeps me on top of sorting out and getting rid of things not worn much anymore and things worn out.

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This may sound gay but I like to listen to ABBA and dust. Don’t tell anyone.

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Doing the dishes is therapeutic.

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Organizing my room in different ways

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Recliner testing!

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