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Geeky computer question - How do I keep Internet Explorer 6 in Windows installed if I update Windows itself?

Asked by serenityNOW (3641points) February 28th, 2009

Okay, I’m not a fan of these questions, but I know a fair amount of web-designers/developers peruse this site. I need to make sure my newest project is rendering correctly in IE6 (Internet Explorer 6). So I loaded Windows XP in a virtual machine (on my Macbook.) Same as a fresh install on a Dell or something. I want to update to Service Pack 3, or whatever they are up to but keep IE6. Their info for the updates is so confusing! Thanks?

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If you go to Microsoft update website , you get a “custom installation” option as well as an “express installation”. Doesn’t the “custom” one give you the option not to upgrade IE6?

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Bonus Question is right. Another way is you can install SP3 and then “downgrade” to IE6. Just google IE6 download I’m sure you should find it.

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the above suggestions should work out… my question to you… Why would you want to use IE6 anyways? The new Safari Beta is awesome, and FireFox has always been a favorite for many.

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He says that it’s for testing code and rendering, not browsing.

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If all you are doing is testing websites in IE6 on your macbook check this out:

Internet Explorer 4 OS X

I look forward to the day when people stop using IE6/7 and we (as testers/designers) can stop with this annoying process of putting work-arounds and hacks into code.

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@Eambos oh…sorry I can’t read apparently…I’m an idiot sometimes.

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You can also run something like Multiple IE or IE Collection both allow you to run multiple versions of IE on the same XP installation.

Microsoft recommends doing this completely with virtual machines, and there have been reports of minor differences in code execution under the tools above. Overall though, for getting your layouts and scripting working, they both seem to work well when having a dedicated machine (or virtual machine) for each is unrealistic.

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