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Is it hard for you to fall asleep if you're wearing socks?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) March 2nd, 2009

Personally, I’m a no-sock sleeper. My feetsies just aren’t comfortable if clothed while trying to fall asleep.

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I CAN’T fall asleep if I’m wearing sox. But then, I also MUST have my feet OUTSIDE the covers.

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I am the complete opposite! I can’t fall asleep if I am not wearing socks!

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I feel your pain.

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No socks for me when Im ready for sleep, but then again I dont wear socks unless I really have to for work or something.

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I have no need to wear socks to bed, what with my lovely down comforter in which I like to burrow myself.

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YES!!!! Everytime I try to wear socks to bed, I end up taking them off right before I fall asleep.

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yes because they keep slipping off until I finally give up and take them off.

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I can’t wear socks in bed, I feel like Im being restrained. (sp?)
I tried the whole lotion on your feet and then put socks on while you sleep, for moisturizing, couldn’t keep
them on, felt trapped.
My feet, however, MUST be under the covers, or else they freeze.

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I have to take them off too, haha.

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can’t sleep with socks either, absolutely have to get them off if i am to fall asleep. also tend to have feet outside of covers, but not a necessity.

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if i do fall asleep with them on they usually end up at the foot of the bed in the morning

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Yup, me too.

I agree with “feeling trapped” and I also have them outside the covers. If I try to sleep with socks, I have to kick them off within minutes.

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I normally sleep without socks on, however they are nice to wear on those extra cold nights to keep me a bit warmer. I have no problem sleeping with or without them.

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I, for whatever strange reason, can’t fall asleep with anything on my feet…I even sleep with them sticking out of the covers!

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Living in Florida I barely ever wear socks, unless i’m wearing sneakers, so I am also one who dislikes wearing socks to bed.

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I feel trapped too and as if im being strangled i know its strange but i do

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When I go to a hotel, I MUST pull the covers out at the foot of the bed.

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@Mr_M: Me too. I hate tucked in covers.

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I try to wear socks to bed when my feet are cold, but always peel them off before sleeping, because I just can’t help myself.

Great question.

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I cant sleep if I dont my have socks!! Me feet get cold!!!

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Sockless in Seattle.

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@skfinkel hahaha thats cute like that move sleepless in seattle

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In the winter, I can’t sleep without them… my feet are super cold. Oddly enough though, I can’t stand tucked in covers either. Guess I’m a hybrid ; )

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I used to always wear socks! Then I started dating my now husband and he has this huge aversion towards it.
The other night, I purposely wore them to bed and rubbed my feet all up on him. He flipped. haha

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Not only can I not sleep in socks, I can’t sleep in anything. wink

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I have to be very warm when I sleep, which sometimes requires socks. There is a point at which I become too warm, however, and then one foot must stick out from under the covers.

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I wouldn’t choose to wear them to bed, but the fact is that I can probably fall asleep in anything. I fell asleep in my wedding dress. I fell asleep in labor. (Those were two separate events.)

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@essieness You just reminded me of how weird I am. I need the socks, but am otherwise naked. Sexy, right?

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OMG, Aug. But do you take them off before you <mumble mumble mumble>—don’t you?

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@Jeruba: I worry about the same thing!!!! Socks are NEVER allowed to be on me or my partner when I mumble mumble mumble! I have literally stopped all action to demand that socks be taken off.

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I’m pretty sure I always do, but I’ve been half-asleep at times so there is a possibility that socked-sex has occurred! If so, I guess the husband doesn’t mind ;-)

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I can no longer find the question about how bad it is to keep your socks on during lovemaking. And I looked earlier today for the original pancakes question and couldn’t find that either. Have some questions been deleted? or does the Google search engine not work as well as we thought? or what am I doing wrong?

[Edit: I found one of them the hard way. This did not come up when I used “socks” and “sex” as search terms.]

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@Jeruba: Oh damn, I wish I hadn’t missed that thread when it was jumpin’...

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Thought you might have missed it, TM. Too bad. Well, it is still active—was this morning, anyway. Go ahead!

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It just took me 15 minutes to find the pancake question. I asked a new question, and linked it there. I had to find it through a different question that referenced it. PITA.

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Definitely NO SOCKS during <mumble mumble mumble>.

Feet are just too cute during <mumble mumble mumble>.

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Why is there so many post of this???

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I slept with socks on last night, it was sooo cold, and they kept my feet warm =)

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only when its hot out.

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I cannot sleep with socks on ever i’ll try to when its cold but illl wake up with them kicked off.

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wait i do have one pair of cheer socks and their tight so they do not come off

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