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What social sites do you frequent?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) March 3rd, 2009

Just curious I use the following.


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fluther (if you call it that)


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Facebook. And I follow Stephen Fry on Twitter. He’s on it a LOT!

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I don’t go to Facebook. I heard there’s a nasty worm over there. If it shows up here I hope someone will tell us.

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@steve6 – I think that worm was passed around as an email referencing facebook or a facebook like link.

Something like “I found you in this video” or something to that effect.

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I used to spend quite a lot of time on Askville. Now I am spending less time there and more time here and on Facebook.

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Facebook, Myspace, and a parenting board that is so full of drama it’s disturbing.

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Fluther is my one true love. Nothing else measures up. I do have a profile on linkedin, but that’s work.

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Askville & Fluther

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I use Facebook. I will be deleting my MySpace soon, as I feel the quality of the site hasn’t grown or improved much recently and most of my friends are on FB.

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Just Facebook.

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I’m such a dolt. I can’t figure out how to use facebook! DOH!

I tweet on Twitter once a week or so, too!

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There’s no place like home!!

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@aprilsimnel, you might want to look at following Shaquille O’Neal, too. He’s very twitter-aware, posting not just tweets, but also pics… and even announcing his current location and inviting his followers to come up and say hi.

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Askville & here. I’ve been asked by so many to join Facebook, but I just won’t. I’m hearing too much bad stuff about it lately. I’m on myyearbook, but I’m never there.

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Facebook to keep up with real-life friends.. I still haven’t really figured out how Twitter can be beneficial to me, though I know others who swear by it. The same is true of MySpace. In both cases, I’m willing to be enlightened.

Fluther and Askville to get an idea how people in the broader world think and feel—and to keep up with cyberspace friends. I certainly use them in a different way than I use Facebook.

I somewhat fascinated about way that many of these sites serve different audiences.

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Facebook, Fluther and Flickr.

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MySpace (just to listen to my playlist really)

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More than a simple blogging service, it allows you to “follow” people you find interesting and to comment on and share their posts easily.

Those who elect to host their own tumblogs there can also incorporate feeds from Twitter, Flickr and other social sites, too.

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Fluther (the best there is)
Askville (rarely nowadays)
Classmates .com

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Speaking of social sites.. has everyone voted today???

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@scamp. Thanks for the reminder. Just placed my 10th one I think.

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@bananafish I recognize that blue…whatever that is. I thought that was you. ;-)

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Fluther – more and more
Askville – less and less
Facebook – here and there
Twitter- when I remember to post!

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Oh yah… and an honorable mention to if you want a simple site that allows you to enter your status update once and have it auto-propagate to all your social sites.

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I’m constantly on facebook and fluther, but I’ve essentially stopped using myspace.

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That looks really cool, @robmandu!

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allstarwrestlers (all one word)

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i forgot about twitter. i like twitter, but hate when people “follow” me. kind of defeats the point, i suppose.

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Facebook and twitter.

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Though I’m trying to stop going to them so much. And then I find Fluther! I may have to get rid of my computer, so I can have a life again.

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Just twitter. Fluther now that I’ve found it. I occasionally (GROSS) use Myspace, or Facebook.

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twitter (not too often)
msn.. does that count?
youtube (i have an account)
fluther <3

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