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What is the BEST way to get Michael Jackson Tickets for his comeback tour?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) March 4th, 2009

He’s announcing Thursday in London at a live press conference in the O2 Arena that hes going to be performing about 30 shows there this summer for his comeback tour. now to me, this is so big there are no words! I’m a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, and this is quite possibly my ONLY chance to see the man. I’ve never seen him in concert, and i didnt think he would ever perform again! and of course, its in London, but im in a position where i would find a way to go. Anyone know the BEST way to get tickets to something like this before it sells out. because its expected to sell out to a half million people in MINUTES they said. lol. the man has sold over 750 MILLION records and has TONS of fans. id appreciate ANY help (plane ticket costs, cheap hotels, how to get them) thank you very much!!!

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1) check ticketmaster (have the site up and ready at the time of announcement)
2) check his website (odds are he’ll offer it through his own site)
3) dress like a boy scout. nevermind

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also, PLEASE PLEASE dont leave stupid posts. im not trying to sound rude but the child molestation jokes and skin color jokes are not even remotely new/funny anymore lol. thank you so much. im not accusing anyone, but being a fan, i hear SO MUCH of that stuff its not even funny. lol. thanks again

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Eponymoushipster is right. STAY on ticketmaster and be ready with your credit card number.

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OMG I want tickets!!!

MJ Music= TOTAL WIN. ♥♥♥

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@chyna – but i did that for gavin degraw tickets that went on sale at NOON, i was sitting there, and at noon i clicked it, and it was sold out! the site never even got to offer them! they sold out BEFORE the sale time. (the woman on the phone said to “pre-sale customers.” first of all, WHO are they? second, how do I become a buyer of PRE sale tickets?

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@mangeons – did you hear about the comeback?

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@futurelaker88 presale is usually a code released thru newsletters and fan clubs. also, sometimes, via AmEx.

however, these are usually a fixed number. i’ve never heard of a show selling out during presale. that said, i think U2 once sold out in like 2 minutes, so….MJ could be very fast as well.

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That doesn’t seem quite fair then. Get a job at ticketmaster right before the tickets come out? haha

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yea but they dont even monitor how many presales they sell? they just let ALL the people take them before anyone in general public? that seems to make no sense

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Toys R Us?

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lol Chuck!!

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A lot of music industry people and scalpers will grab the best tickets first. I’m sure you know that, but it bears repeating. For as many people who made their fun of him, industry folk will punch people in the throat to be as near the front row as possible come the tour.

I am not such a fan, but good luck and stay on the website. Stay on it like it owes you money. You might get a seat, especially if it’s for a single ticket.

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I’d think he could get his own tickets. I mean, it’s his tour.

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Good point.

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i was able to grab hold of 4 tickets thought Ticketmaster. Of course you need a presale code. I had to go through various date options before I could get to a date which had tickets available and then had to wait ten more minutes to get the see the seats…

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@harnoors – where were your seats? i got 413, they suck.

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He’s doing a comeback tour? Man, I gotta see this! photo!

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