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Do Jack Johnson concerts usually sell out?

Asked by caly420 (546points) March 11th, 2008

Jack Johnson has not toured in a few years and he is doing a national tour. Right now tickets (for the venue nearest me) are only 29 bucks and the amazing Rogue Wave is opening.

Do his concerts usually sell out? If they do I was thinking about getting a few tickets now and then selling them later? But I dont want to get stuck with 2–3 extra tickets that I cannot sell because his show doesnt sell out.

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Due to the fact that I’ve never heard of jack Johnson I highly doubt it

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Jack Johnson is pretty awesome. That guys got some major talent. Thanks for the heads up on the tour. :) If I were you though, id just buy the amount you need. If you get extra, it won’t sell out and you’ll be stuck with them but if you don’t by extra, it will sell out. At least that’s how my luck works.

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Yea, Murphy’s Law lol

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If the concerts are anything like the artist himself, then yes, they do sell out.

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I’ve seen him at several “hippy” type festivals. His voice was very nice and pleasant but just way to monotone. I could’nt imagine paying to see him alone, yet I do enjoy the fact that his type of music is comercialy viable in a market that has been consumed by rap, hip hop etc. for 20 years

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I don’t believe they generally do. My answer is a bit late but <3 Jack Johnson.

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I’ve been trying to get tickets to one for age’s! He never come’s to Boston it seems. Not really answering the question but whatev’s

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It will probably depend on the venue. some places have almost unlimited seating. limited places, like indoors, i almost guarantee it.

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the real question is “do banana pancakes sell out?”

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