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Recommend a 7 digit number?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) March 5th, 2009

I want an easy-to-remember 7 digit number. Not just easy for me to remember, but also for others. Ideal if it could be something instantly “recognizable” that doesn’t require the person to constantly check back to see what the next number in the sequence is.

• must use digits zero through nine.
• to be dialed from a telephone keypad.
• avoid the blatantly obvious: 1234567, 1111111, and the like.

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Come up w/ a 7 letter word that is easy to remember and then translate it to the corresponding number.

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was the song-6975809 (correct me if I’m wrong)

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@judi 867 5309


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@Judi, I think it was 867–5309… nice one!

Too bad my name’s not Jenny.

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that’s it! at least I got the 09 right and you knew what I was talking about!

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@robmandu you’d make a lovely Jenny heheh

try 777–1234?

or 543–2100

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@Snoopy, like 3588437?

GA to first person to figure that out. ;-)

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Sam & Dave

All ya gotta do is pick up the telephone and dial 634–5789

Or your mom’s phone number

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How about 987–4123 (clockwise around the perimeter of the phone numbers), or 123–6987 (counter clockwise around the numbers).

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@robmandu , yeah FLUTHER!

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0112358 Fibbonacci secquence

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i just wish you could throw a niner in there….

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What’s the empire carpet commercial song? My grandson knows their number and not mine
(You can skip the 800)

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How about using the old B-52’s song 6060–842?

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someone had to say it.

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I always remember 71077345 because if you type it into a calculator and turn it upside down it spells SHELLOIL.

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If i got to pick my number, id go with pi
i dont know if everyone would remember it, but all your nerd friends would at least. :P

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I agree with moving around the perimeter of the keypad, something such as:

123–6987 or
147–8963 or

(picture those using this sample keypad:)

If you have to move around the outside numbers of the keypad, it’ll be a no-brainer. Nothing much to memorize, and the users won’t lose their place or get numbers mixed up.

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@lercio, for professional work, I’ll avoid 55378008. ;-)

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@robmandu yes I remember that one too.

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@eponymoushipster….ohhhhh i get it…nice call….... oh mann…... :P

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@uberbatman your the FIRST person i’d expect to get it, uber…. heh. :)

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You could adopt Dr. J’s number- 358–8437

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If you were born on EITHER a day of the month with a single digit OR in a month with a single digit (or both), you could use your DOB, like I was born May 1, 1971, so 501–1971 would be easy to remember for me. Now if you were born in November or December on the 10th or after, that won’t work, of course maybe a close friend/relative/spouse has a DOB that works that you’d remember.

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Oh, but you want others to recognize it easy, never mind then, I’d go with 867–5309 then!

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How about counting by 3’s? 369–2581
Or is that too obvious? You could start with 5 and then count by 3’s. 581–4703

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I like 5882300, EMPIRE, today., it’s a great idea, because I’ve never forgotten it. It has a little tune, if you’re never seen the commercial, maybe look it up on Youtube? :)

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I realize that counting by 3’s is not such a good idea, because the phone pad is set up in rows of 3. You could instead count by 7’s 741–8529.
Something else you could do would be to take the squares of numbers:

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