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When God sets the breakfast table, what are you?

Asked by Blondesjon (33989points) March 6th, 2009

Are you that little bit of maple syrup that sweetens the pancakes or may something as simple as a pinch of salt, bringing the flavor out in the day? Are you a cup of coffee or a glass of orange juice? Are you a simple bowl of cereal? If so which one? What do you add to the most important meal of the day?

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I’m the cinnamon in the oatmeal or on the French Toast… Spicy, Delicious, and good for you!

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I’m a strawberry!

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Still asleep. Unless God is down with having breakfast for lunch or dinner. In which case, I’m the bacon. It’s great with any every meal.

But too much of a good is still too much.

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The pancakes, of course.

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I’m just a biscuit.

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@petethepothead…You are the biscuit Peter.

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I am an egg.

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I’m a bowl of Lucky Charms. Need I explain?

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Black coffee.
‘Cause coffee is breakfast ALL by itsself, and needs no devine intervention

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I asked my husband, and he called me a grapefruit. I’m sweet but sour and need a little sugar to make me sweet. I’m not sure I like that answer.

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The dental floss, removing the hate and fear stuck between the teeth of human suffering.

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I don’t know what the hell that means either.

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@AstroChuckisn’t that mental floss?

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blueberry waffles when im in a good mood and things are going good

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I’m the yummy omelet loaded with lots of veggies :o)

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I’m the hot sauce on the eggs.

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The everything bagel

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I’m the pie. What’s wrong with pie for breakfast?

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I’m the fork that God is forced to eat his cereal with when all of the spoons have somehow mysteriously disappeared.

I am also responsible for the disappearance of the spoons.

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I am the parent, making the breakfast… and scolding him for not finishing his meal…

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I’m the salt, knock me over and everything goes wrong.

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Miso soup and pickled daikon.

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I am the butter on the biscuit.

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I’m the cream cheese – the real stuff, none of that low-fat imitation stuff. I can change my flavor from time to time, but I’m still full-bodied and decadent. I can be dressed up with lox, or perfectly good by myself. And I make your bagel tasty. :)

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I’m the cream in the coffee. Keep me cool and I’m sweet, but when I’m hot, I get sour, ha ha!

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I’m the super hot salsa. Some love me but most can’t handle the heat.

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I’m the Waffle…

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@Waffle – ...goob goob ga joob.

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