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What Are UFO's Really?

Asked by TheKNYHT (686points) March 7th, 2009

Since before the printing press was created, UFOs have been spotted, and even before that. Objects in the sky were recorded as seen by Roman Caesars, Christopher Columbus, dozens of tribes of Native Americans, etc. Since 1947 sightings in our world has increased exponentially. So, its not so much a question of ‘Are they real’ but ‘What are they really?’

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they are exactly what they are called, unidentified flying objects…....

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Evil spirits.

Secret government projects.


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Has anyone ever noticed that UFO sittings and abductions always come from people that are out of their friggin mind…..

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I think they’re asteroids and meteors or stray shooting stars taken way out of proportion. Seriously, after all these years, all these UFOs flying around and not one instance of actual legitimate contact? I wouldn’t imagine aliens are that stupid. Why would one hover around and not say “Hello”? Or not attack?

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Swamp gas ?

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@aprilsimnel @uberbatman actually there have been many actual from perfectly sane people.
The thing is, once you get reports like this, some people can’t explain what happens, so they simply list the report as a UFO as appose to someone running in going “OMFG JESUS I JUST SAW A UFO ZOMGZ!” It’s usually somehting along the lines of
“I saw this thing in the sky.”
“Okay, well we can’t explain it, or identify it, so we’re listing this as a UFO.”

Personally, I don;t believe little green men are visiting us, however there is more ‘proof’ for aliens visiting us than god visiting us.

Makes you think doesn’t it.

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I am almost convinced that they are Tarzithian’s lead by Tan.

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@uberbatman, that’s completely untrue. I’m not saying they exist or don’t exist or that claims are real or disinformation, but here’s a list of more-than-likely-non-insane witnesses or disclosers:

A head of the Italian Air Force
A former Canadian Defense Minister
Various British government sources
NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell
The Brazilian military
A former Arizona governor
A Japanese cabinet secretary
The Mexican Defense Department
Congressman Dennis Kucinich
A Hungarian military pilot
A Chilean senator

There are lots of other examples of police officers and other seemingly sane and productive members of society with witness or disclosure accounts, but I didn’t want to post anything that wasn’t more or less a primary source.

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I still got the news paper clipping of a ufo chace by a South African air force helicoper. If anyone can read afrikaans (dutch)I will gladly e-mail it. It was a big thing in 1996 and the South African goverment accknowlaged the whole thing. The ufo insident was even on national tv. Almost two hundred and fity witnesses saw it and two million vievers saw it. So there’s two million crazy South africans. What can happen if aliens decide to land on Earth we will a: Shoot them b: Our germs or their germs could kill them or their germs could kill us. c: The human race is not reddy to meet them. d: Imagine the relegous and social implications. e: If ufo’s do exist than I hope I will life long enough to meet an alien.

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@TheKNYHT, This summary is based on a few hundred hours worth of testimony and research and can be regarded as a collection of the most corroborated “facts” about UFOs (and more) from the body of research that the site’s founders have compiled.

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government projects
those thing people don want you t talk bout
anal probes

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They’re the illuminati :D

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Ultra top secret technologies, in development and function, often referred to as Black Ops has known to occur at the infamous Groom Lake (“Area 51”) and elsewhere also, can explain much of this phenomenon. Orbital devices, such as satelites contributes to sightings as well. Naturally occuring meteorological and sub-orbital events can explain much of this.
Hoaxes are a part of all this of course. When one whittles all of this down, there is a small percentage of sightings that are unexplained, and seemingly beyond any terrestrial explanation.
Dr Jacque Valle and Dr. John Mack were two investigators into the UFO phenomenon, and both doctors concluded that these sightings, vessels, travelers are not what they appear to be. Dr. Valle went on record as saying, that these things are less physical objects, and more like windows into a hyper-dimensional reality.
Dr. Mack conducted hundreds of interviews with witnesses and found consistencies that corroborated the stories of other witnesses, yet with enough variation to exemplify credibility.
I recently re-read a book I have by Drs. Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman, called ALIEN ENCOUNTERS which you can find in your local bookstore.
I would highly recommend it as it has sources and bibliography thats quite useful to any one who wants to know more about this subject.
What intrigues me is that those who are supposedly psychically linked to what they actually refer to as our ‘Space Brothers’ (!!!) have proclaimed that the human race is about to experience a paradigm shift in their evolutionary process, whereby they will cease to be homo sapien, and become homo noeticus, a far more powerfully spiritual species, almost god-like in their development. Yet collectively, we are being held back by those who adhere to outmoded, archaic belief systems that are no longer valid in this coming Order. These humans will have to be excised from the global community and consciousness so that those remaining can enter into this New World Order and acheive godhood (I’m not kidding, they have said this). So these Space Brothers will evacuate these humans, these impediments off world for the good of the planet. I wouldn’t give such things any credence if not for one thing: the Bible itself speaks of those belonging to the body of Christ will one day be removed off world, and enter heaven (1 Thessalonians 4:16–18; 1 Corinthians 15:51–54) while the rest of the world enters a time of incredible deception and tribulation, as made popularly known via the ‘LEFT BEHIND’ series by Tim LaHaye.

So what are these things really? I believe they are non-corporeal, highly super-intelligent beings who are inimical to the (spiritual) well being of the human race.

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U.F.O. sightings have occurred. Not everyone were wackos. Some were highly respected military officers and soldiers. A few, those in the U.S. Air Force, participated in Project Blue Book which accepted the existence of U.F.O.‘s as factual while trying to determine whether these U.F.O.‘s were a threat to the United States.

The Air Force would not try to determine whether something was a threat unless it existed. You do not see the Air Force trying to determine whether Cloud Giants with giant Insectoid Legs are a threat to the United States. But they conducted a very serious study to determine whether U.F.O.‘s were a threat.

The conclusion, and we can all rest easily as a result, was that U.F.O.‘s are NOT a threat to the security and safety of the United States of America.

U.F.O.‘s exist. But they are not a threat. We have Project Blue Book to tell us this much. Case closed!

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Well there is a lot of different opinions on the question. They could be a figment of our imagination, a Government project, aliens , or even time travelers. There really is no way to tell.

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