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Which iPhone case do you recommend?

Asked by iamsteve (10points) March 11th, 2009

I wanna buy one from here.
My friend recommended this to me. Which one do you recommend?

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I don’t know but the griffin wave is pretty good. I’ve dropped my phone soo many times and it’s in perfect condition.

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I recommend this one to you.

I bought the red Amano and the transparent screen protector. It’s pretty good. I quite like it.

It doesn’t make my iPhone bulky and it does protect my iPhone. I dropped my iPhone once, but nothing happened.

I think Voguish Series or Daino Series may be suitable for you.

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I have the incase hard slick case, matte black. I bought this one because i wanted to protect my phone and i wanted it to be able to slide in and out of my pocket well. Its a great choice and from what i see from my friends a very popular one too.

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