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Why on earth do people (correction: girls) wear layers and layers of thick clothing to the gym?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) March 11th, 2009

I don’t get it! When I go to SWEAT, I want to be wearing as little as possible. Hell, I’d do it naked if I lived in a nudist colony. Yet, I look around and see these girls with zip-up sweatshirts, shirts underneath, and thick pants working their asses off on the treadmill…sweating and looking miserably hot.

I understand if it’s cold from your car to the building, but strip once you’re in! Right? Please don’t tell me these people still believe in “sweating all the fat out”...

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People still do, it sheds water weight.
Not to mention, there are higher levels of insecurity at a gym for women than men, usually.
The more you’re wearing the less people can see, women and men do it in their lives beyond the gym as well.

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Yeah, when I’ve been at the gym, I don’t wear layers, necessarily, but I’ll wear a superlong T-shirt and looser yoga-type pants to hide my lower half, even though I know rationally that no one there is looking at that part of me. Or at me at all.

At least I don’t think anyone’s looking.

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The same reason you wear layers outside. Because you may start off cold but as you warm up you peel the layers off silly!

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They seem to be considering style in the gym I go to. If it were just for sweating off the fat then any old thing would do. However, when everything is color coordinated (even fingernail polish) and brand named, plus the person in question is wearing earrings and make up, then I suspect they want to look good without realizing they look silly and uncomfortable.

I suspect it also has to do with being convinced that one’s body is ugly and flabby so until one bursts forth as a butterfly after working out for at least 10 days, it is better to hide everything with layers. These folks often give up and let their membership lapse because they see no improvement and besides it is sooooo uncomfortable to work out..

OTOH, there is another group composed mostly (but sadly not entirely) of women who wear skintight leggings, thongs, and sports bras that make them look as if they are nude but have been spray painted. Most of these folks have decent bodies, but all would look better in a basic t-shirt and shorts. They also wouldn’t spend so much time tugging at and rearranging various straps and body parts.

I opt for a t-shirt and shorts or capris, all in cotton. Everything is adequately covered, I don’t get too hot, and I don’t drip sweat everywhere. I’m not at the gym to be seen anyway. I’m there to work out.

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I’m heading off there now, in my big stretchy blue cotton shirt, and my black capris. I don’t look like a hobo or a priss.

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@Darwin You must belong to my gym. The ladies with the jewelry and make up are very obviously looking for a guy.

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@chyna And then there are the muscle-bound guys in spandex who are looking for a guy, too

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@Darwin ewwww spandex is not your friend.

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they have eating disorders and think that losing weight by sweating is a good thing

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@emilyrose: Those kind of assumptions very often are offensive and almost never correct.

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Well here’s the thing…you can’t sweat off fat. Fat boils at 360 degrees, so it’s impossible. I guess if people want to lose water weight I get it…but that’s not real weight loss! Argh…another one bites the dust.

@Darwin yeah, I agree! There are those girls who practically have their clothes spray-painted on them. Haha…. I’m the same, always a tee shirt with shorts or capris. Perhaps a tank top from time to time.

My gym is definitely on the warm side…these people ain’t wearing this clothing because they are cold! Thanks for the thoughts…was just curious.

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I just got back from the gym and thought I’d report what I noticed, four women were there including myself.

I was wearing earrings, a ring and a necklace out of habit. No makeup.
Another was wearing mascara, and a decent amount of jewelery.
Another was wearing nothing.
And the last wore lip balm and mascara from what I could tell.

There were maybe ten guys, hey, it was four am…not a big crowd. :)
Half the guys were in shorts, tanks or tees. The rest had some amount of spandex…it was gross.

I think I looked crazy inspecting everyone from a distance.

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@asmonet haha, nice! I’ve always wanted to check out the gym at some crazy time, like 2:30am.

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Haha, yeah I like it better, I can rock out in the women’s room with all the mirrors and pretend I’m not slaving away on a glorified hamster wheel. Usually, I’ll work out in the main room, but not at night. I like my crazy behind closed doors, thank you.

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@asmonet—yes I realize I was being kind of a meanie when I said that, but I think it is true in lots of cases….....

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You’re misinformed. :-/

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Wow, I totally posted that list on the wrong gym thread. I fail.

None of the women wore more than a tank + a tee.
The guys had far more layers.

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I normally work out with makeup and jewelry (including my wedding band), but it is because I go right after work & only change from my skirt & top into my workout clothes. My workout clothes are “roomy” top & sweatpants and they, including my socks, are “name brand” but only because all of them say they are “duo dry” and are supposed to help you cool off. Call me a victim to advertising – smiles!

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