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That doesn’t solve the problem of their penis does it?

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I have a better idea, but I can’t say it.

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What are human rights again?

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Fuck castration, put them down. They are sick animals and you put sick animals down.

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I had the displeasure of sitting on a grad jury. Children had to testify in graphic description of what happened:( real bummer stuff. The penelty needs to be extreme. We need to protect the ones who need it the most.

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Well, they aren’t forcing it. It does seem like the only option they have, other than being in prison their entire life. I’m not sure how I feel about this. So they don’t serve their time, they get out early?

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How about psychological treatment? Castrating them is not a solution, and just putting them in jail doesn’t help either.

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@KrystaElyse…I believe a person is capable of nearly infinite change. In the case of a pedophile I think there is an unfixable glitch in their system. I’m not saying that some eighteen year old kid who had sex with his sixteen year old girlfriend deserves to die. I am saying that an adult who forces sex on a child needs to be deleted.

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Often sex offenders offend because of extreme psychological issues and control issues. It sometimes has very little to do with the bits down there.

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How ‘bout handling it the ol’ fashioned Roman way???

ENGRAVE the words “CHILD RAPPER” on their forehead.

Romans would do things like this to slaves

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@SpatzieLover Like Lil’ Bow Wow? :)

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@Blondesjon Don’t know if you read the article @Mtl_zach linked to, but it says that in countries where this has been practiced, recidivism drops from 80% to nearly zero. That sounds kind of like a fix.

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@Blondesjon – I can understand if he killed the child, then yes, he deserves a death sentence in my book. Don’t get me wrong, I am not on the side of the pedophile by any means, I am just as disgusted by this as you are, but I think these people have some serious psychological issues. Sentencing them to death seems like an easy way out to me, and just putting them in jail for a few years won’t help either.

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@KrystaElyse…It is easy…and the only 100% effective way to insure that the particular offender never does it again.

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@Like…child on lap at time


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most of the time it’s a lot of fun but the female sex offenders don’t seem to want to cooperate…........

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Chop them off at the root.
In our town a convicted offender was kicked out of a halfway house, his parole officer wasn’t notified and he killed a 13 yr old girl. He is suspected of killing others.

The halfway house has 60+ sex offenders who have been let out of jail early, but they can walk the streets…..

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In NY state the age of consent is 17. An 18 year old boy who has consensual sex with a 16 year old girl a week before her 17th birthday is guilty of Rape 3rd, a Class E felony. Should he be castrated too? What about the girl who was chasing him? What about the junior cheerleader who was chasing the senior football player and finally “landed” him. Is he the guilty party? How about the 13 year old girl who is stupid enough to text pictures of herself to her boyfriend. In some states the boy is considered to be in possession of pornography. Should he be castrated too?

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@Lupin – We aren’t talking about those incidences. And for the record, no one, I don’t care how stupid they are for sending naked pictures or chasing someone deserves to be raped. Period.

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@Lupin…If the offender is over the age of twenty and the victim is 14 or younger than I say “off with their heads”. as for the rest of your query, I believe I stated my beliefs on that above

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Sigh, i hate this topic.. i don’t have an asnwer to the problem but i have an idea about direction that i’ll submit this to the collective:

Minimum Necessary Conditions for a Sexual Offense to Occur:
A) it has to be possible. (meaning, the offender considers there to be low risk of being caught.. or just plain does not care about being caught)
B) the offender has to prefer to succumb to their urges in that moment (meaning, he isn’t being chased by a bear at the moment or he just doesn’t happen to realize the bear is serious about mauling him and so he continues on recklessly..)

What The Solution Should Look Like:
The best solution, therefore, would be one that forces these people to prefer not to succumb to those urges even in cases where it is possible to.

Easier said than done, i know.. but if we don’t start thinking creatively on ways to prevent the offenses rather than just on how to punish people after they are committed.. we’ll have missed the point.

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A 20 year-old sexually abusing a 14 year-old is morally reprehensible.

Issuing a blanket execution order for any 20 year old who sexually abuses a 14 year old is scarcely better.

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This is a fascinating article with one researcher’s work on the causes of pedophilia. In it, he says this:

“Cantor reports that many pedophiles often hate their own sexual urges
and want to be rid of them. But, at least for now, there appears to be
no “cure” for pedophilia.”

“There is no way to turn a pedophile into a non-pedophile,” asserts Cantor. “No one has demonstrated that that’s possible, just as there’s no way to take a person who is gay and turn them someone who is straight. That does just not, at this point, appear to be possible.”

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Note to Krysta: I said “consensual”, not forced! In New York State an 18 year old having sex with a 16 year old is considered Rape 3rd. Period. It is that simple. Rape 1 and Rape 2 are different cases. Maybe there should be another definition but that is how the law stands now. And that 18 year old will be on the sex offender list for life.
Note to Blondsjon – I agree with you. But in Arkansas that might be considered normal.

Now if you asked me about forced sex I’d say: “Off with their…”

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@Harp…If a twenty-one year old rapes a fourteen year old I see no problem in putting them down. Don’t ask me, ask the fourteen year old.

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There’s a very good reason we don’t let crime victims do the sentencing.

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I agree with that, Marina. People want what they want and some people want sex with minors. You can’t stop them from wanting that. The bear example, however, illustrates that despite their urges, these people still prefer other things to the fulfillment of those urges.

Examples: They won’t offend if a bear is chasing them. They won’t offend if the mother of the child is standing there with a gun… what else would be motivation enough not to give in?

We all know of Gay men who reject their gayness for their beliefs in a Religion that prohibits it. Also, many reject their Homosexuality for reasons of social acceptance.. There is lots of evidence to suggest that it is possible to do anything.. or stop doing anything.. if you can just be convinced that not doing something you really want is somehow better than doing it.

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@Harp…The good reason being what? Maybe if we let the victims start deciding the perpetrator’s fate, there would be a lot less “perpetrating.”

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I think that we need to clear up the defination of rape… Isn’t it someone forcingbsomeone else to have sex with them? And according to that definition shouldn’t this include adults as well instead of only childeren?

And as I say that what wouldnthe lawnsay about 2 underage teens having sex? Then who would be comitingbthe crime or could they both be charged… Which brings up the point if they could get charged is that intruding on there rights?

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Sorry I didn’t quite finish that because if the two underage people comited a crime why is if it was consentual… Or is it that childeren don’t have any rights other to not be abused by parents?

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I just checked the NYS Penal code
130.25 Rape 3rd: 21 year old or greater having sex with less than 17 year old.
130.30 Rape 2nd: 18 year old or greater having sex with less than 15 year old
130.35 Rape 1st: a) 18 year old or greater having sex with less thatn 13 year old.
b) Any age having sex with less than 11
c) Any age if forcible
Rape 3rd is ClassE felony, Rape 2 is Class D and Rape 1 is Class B.

I am not a lawyer. But I do have the Penal Code in my library.

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@Blondesjon Justice driven by revenge is no longer justice, it’s bloodlust.

Didn’t you yourself say that a pedophile is “unfixable?” Do you now think that knowing his victim can have him put to death would put the clamp on his urges? What would you think that realization might lead to after he’s raped her? Think about it.

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@Harp…“The source of most human violence and suffering has been a
hidden children’s holocaust throughout history, whereby billions
of innocent human beings have been routinely murdered, bound,
starved, raped, mutilated, battered and tortured by their parents
and other caregivers, so that they grow up as emotionally crippled
adults and become vengeful time bombs who periodically restage
their early traumas in sacrificial rites called wars.”—Lloyd deMause

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Sexual abuse is frequently not about sex, but power. Castration has little effect on that little problem. I’m not for the death penalty, but I do think they need to be locked away from children forever.

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@Blondesjon That quote implies that the abused will become “vengeful time bombs”. Should we nip them in the bud too?

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@Harp…Not if you were able to thin the rapist herd by eliminating it’s offending members.

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Anotherbthing I would like to bring up is what if it is an “accident” and I don’t mean oops I acxidently raped them I mean if some one loses control of a situation and technically the sex is not forced nut then later the person might say that it was rape to scapgoat the fact the person made a mistake… Should the realitvly inocvent person be charge with a felony because someone doesn’t want to admit a mistake?

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@Blondesjon I think the take away lesson from the de Mause quote is that violence and hatred beget violence and hatred. Institutionalizing violence and hatred only compounds the problem.

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@Harp…You are obviously an individual who is anti-death penalty. I respect that. In nearly all other instances I am also anti-death penalty. In this instance I am not. A great deal of what is wrong with our society is in the way we have both objectified children and turned a blind eye to the fact that they are children.

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I’d like to remind everyone of False Memory Syndrome. Sometimes, a lot of harm can come from a person who testifies about an entirely different, confounding variable.

@Blondesjon That quote is DeMause’s opinion, it’s not necessarily fact. It’s like me quoting aristotle saying that there are 4 elements. It’s not true, but it’s what everyone believes. The mind is extremely complex, I doubt DeMause singlehandedly tackled the subject with that single sentence.

@srmorgan I fully agree. The justice system is flawed in the sense that the courts say that rape = penetration. It should say that rape = forced sex.

@Lupin I completely agree. A lot of the time, it’s not the “rapist’s” fault.

@Blondesjon If the victim decides the fate of the incident, some girl could just make up a story and get her ex who broke up with her unfairly to go to jail for life.

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@Mtl_zack…I would think that if we changed the law to accommodate the victim we would also come up with a more foolproof way to determine guilt than just upon circumstantial evidence.

oh wait…that’s our current process

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Sounds good to me. Only make them remove them themselves.


I’m totally against it. What about female sex offenders? They do exist. How do we castrate them? Castrating a man might take away some of his sexual urges, but studies have shown some rapists still re-offend after they have been castrated. The drive to rape is in their brains, not their testicles.

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