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Is there a program that shows you the distribution of space on your hard drive for mac like there is for windows?

Asked by ezraglenn (3502points) October 29th, 2007

I have seen one on a windows machine, where it broke down every file on the hard drive into a visual map of proportionate rectangles.

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Grand Perspective seems to be what you’re looking for, and has worked fairly well for me.

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Disk Inventory X is another freeware.

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Whatsize is another freeware that does a great job of breaking down all the files (even invisibles), but not in a graphical way. It has saved me plenty of time searching out huge log files.

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Another vote for Grand Perspective. :]

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While I am normally a visual user, both Grand Perspective and Disk Inventory look like some sort of bad 80’s sci-fi interfaces. Another vote for WhatSize.

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A new app similar to WhatSize is out: Baseline.

Also, WhatSize was recently updated with a slightly new interface and additional features. Still free, but advanced functionality will cost you $12.99.

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