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What does Twitter offer that Facebook does not?

Asked by mirifique (1540points) March 13th, 2009

The Facebook newsfeed seems to be identical to what’s offered by Twitter. So why is “everyone” on Twitter now?

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I like the simplicity of Twitter. You have 140 characters—no more. And that is all it does. Easy, simple, fun.

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Speed. Also kills 2 birds with one stone as my tweets feed to my facebook.

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With twitter i follow a lot different people. Facebook is friends and family, Twitter i get photography tips, follow a couple friends, and find out whats going on with the local news and local hot spots. Those things i cant do with facebook as fast. Twitter is simple and its serving its purpose well for me.

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I use Twitter for the simplicity also. And since I have no family on mine, I say whatever I want.

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Facebook’s newsfeed is not everything… it’s filtered. You can, for example, ask FB to give you “more” from some friends and “less” from others. Twitter shows everything from everyone you follow.

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Twitter is also just the status feed, and the ability to follow others and be followed. There is no place to add your favorite application. There is no place to upload photos in a photo gallery. Best of all, you are free to customize your look and feel, unlike with Facebook. Also, I can’t get Facebook’s friend RSS feeds working properly, but Twitter’s RSS feeds work fine.

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The new facebook is immediate. @robmandu means that you can no longer choose the “less” about one person, but you can completely remove them. Kinda like subscribing to people’s tweets. (i think?)

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@bluedoggiant, thanks for the benefit of the doubt… but I didn’t actually realize that they’d done away with the less/more option in this latest revamp of the FB newsfeed. You’re right, all you can do now is “hide” those friends’ items (and unhide them later if desired).

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Yea I’m much happier. When it says “Less about this person”

You ask…how much is less?

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You can have the updates sent straight to your phone and reply from your phone. You never have to be in front of a computer to get the full effect of Twitter, IMO.

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I have my facebook status updates get sent to my twitter as well. I like twitter because it’s simple, it’s separate from my facebook (far fewer people on my Twitter) and because I like to update sporadically and feel like some people don’t care to know every second of your life as you update it, the ones on Twitter signed up for such antics!

and I agree with @essieness sending and receiving via phone is nice to have.

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Facebook friends are mostly people I know.

Twitter friends are mostly people I don’t.


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Twitter generally offers more knowledge and real time search, not just real time updates, and asynchronous relations. Facebook feels more like friendfeed than twitter btw.

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Twitter is for folks who are glued to their cell phones IMHO, and it works well for networking while out and about. Facebook is fairly good for networking but I’ve mainly used Facebook for the games and causes. And you can’t Twitter in Pirate with the same effect, ARRR!

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@Michale aww the joy of Facebooking in Pirate is just so great.

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Facebook is just too invasive and has had way too many missteps for me to feel comfortable using their service—the “beacon” program, in particular.

Also, I don’t like having such a massive amount of my personal information available, so I’ve set almost everything so that nobody can see it. I’m just going to keep it open as a sort of rolodex, where I can quickly get in touch with someone that i might need to.

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