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How hot is robert pattinson?

Asked by Craziyetsubtle (2points) March 13th, 2009

i think he is 2 hot!

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Let me guess. You’re 12? No. 13 now.

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I might be the only one but I actually don’t think he’s very attractive….

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It’s always the first question that comes up with a certain demographic. Why is that? Do you really care what other people’s opinions on it are? Well that and ones about Twilight, and these days about Chris Brown/Rihanna. Since i’m already here…i’ll give you my opinion though.

I think he needs a haircut, and as hot as Edward Cullen is supposed to be..they should have cast better however he is more attractive now than he was as Cedric Diggory, but he still needs a haircut.

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Nah, not that hot.

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He’s alright.

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Like OMG, I’m totally getting flashbacks from 7th grade!~

He’s cute.

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Seriously?! Ewwwwwwwwww!

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God damn it…. i thought we were done with these stupid twilight questions…..

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@uberbatman it’s always the first thing the rookie’s that are between ages 12–15 seem to want to ask. We’ll only be done with them when the next “big thing” comes out.

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@adreamofautumn i hear askville is a great place for questions like this :P

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He looks like a foot.

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I’d give him a solid 6 on a 10-point scale.

He’s a little effeminate and looks like he spends a lot of time primping and kissing himself in the mirror.

Plus, he’s pretty scrawny…no matter how much he tries to pump iron. He’s a small guy, small chest. I like guys you can hold on to and go for a ride.

I’d break him.

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Ooooooohhhhh he is soooooooooo cuuute.

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@uberbatman You know i’ve heard such things as well.

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@uberbatman Doggone it!!!! I’m scramblin’ peeps like this one out the door in AV & you’re sending ‘em?! ;D

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Oooh, so not very. Not hot to me at all. Pattinson’s a boy. Big girls want a man.

Viggo Mortensen is a man.

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…omg… Edward… he sparkles in the sunshine… (swoon)...

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@aprilsimnel, exactly! Most women here know that we’d break that boy!

We need a man to satisfy us.

And by the way, a man does not spend hours per day flat-ironing his hair.

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@bananafish- try telling that to my step-brother…lol

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@cheebdragon,...haha well how old is he? If he’s of age, then I’d probably break him too…I mean…not to imply that I’d….you know…but if I did…or any real woman did…snap!

It’s not just the flat iron, I feel the same way about men who shave their chests – which I bet Robert Pattison does! Ewwww.

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@bananafish- I think he’s 20 now, but he is more feminine than I am, lol.

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I only like him because he is Edward. I’m more into Kellen and Taylor.

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