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Could I be pregnant even with a negative pregnancy test result?

Asked by kelly8906 (340points) March 15th, 2009

I was supposed to get my period 3 days ago and it has not come yet. I’m usually never late for my period. When I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 3 (I starting feeling symptoms as early as a week before I missed my period). I have been feeling the same way. I was almost POSITIVE that I was pregnant. I have taken 4 tests and they have all been negative, which makes me think I’m not pregnant, but is there a chance all three tests could be wrong? Or maybe with this pregnancy, there is not enough HCG in my urine to give a positive result? Has this ever happened to anyone?

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Too soon. You should be at least two weeks late before you can really tell. I’ve had at least 3 occasions where I would have sworn I was pregnant, but wasn’t. All the other symptoms were there, but I eventually started; once, six weeks late.

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No, this has not happened to me. But, I have heard of many people getting false negatives (never false positives).

Here is some more info.

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My friend took a test and it came up negative. And started showing all the signs of being pregnant and then went to the doctors and he said the test was wrong and she is pregnant. So it is possible that u had a false negative test.

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I have had a negative pregnancy test, two days after I was due for my period. I now have a 20 month old son. Negative test results are more common than you think. Sometimes it never shows up positive, and you need a blood test.
If you already have a child, I assume you would just know if you’re pregnant. I know pretty much as soon as the two weeks have passed from ovulation. (making you four weeks…)
I would wait a couple more days, and test again. I like First Response. Tests with the blue strips have higher rates of evap lines. First Response has the pink lines, and less error.

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There’s a phenomenon called “Psudeocyesis” which is bascially is a psychological pregnancy. A woman feels as they are pregnant and actually exhibits many symptoms of gestation (missed periods, morning sickness, in some cases even a swelling belly). Perhaps this is what’s going on?

On the other hand—as AlfredaPrufrock mentioned, you may just be taking the tests too early; definitely don’t discount this as psudeocyesis without being 100% sure, you owe it to both yourself and the child you might have. Good luck!

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I’m just amazed that you can tell so soon. When I was “child bearing” in (what seems to me anyway) the not to distant past, you were lucky when you knew from a blood test 10 days after a missed period! I can’t imagine how many fewer hours of stress I might have had with these seemingly instant results!

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It’s way too early for a store bought pregnancy test, give it a week. Or more.
You may just be experiencing symptoms from stress and anxiety. Relax, wait, try again.

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Yes this totally happened to me. I was for sure I was pregnant but I kept taking test after test with a negative result. Finally a month later I thought well I’ll take one more and then that one was finally positive. I say you’ve been there before you know your body better than anyone so just wait a couple weeks and try it again. Good Luck

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