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Why does this hurt the balls?

Asked by casheroo (18076points) March 15th, 2009

There has to be a technically reason for this. My husband can’t explain it other than saying “it just hurts”.

While in the shower, and pointing the shower head at him. Back story: Our shower head detaches, and the thing that it attaches to is broken. We have to shower together so I can shave. It just makes more sense.
So, I pointed the water head at his penis and balls area…he whined that it hurt and said his balls are sensitive.
Why would water pointed onto your balls hurt? Why are they so sensitive? Is my husband just being a baby?

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The testicles are incredibly sensitive in most primate species. Since this is where sperm is stored, damage to the testicles can easily prevent an individual from successfully reproducing. So yeah, balls hurt. A lot.

Spraying water from the shower head directly on your husband’s balls will certainly not feel good. He’s not a baby, he just has an incredibly sensitive region dangling between his legs.

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Balls are the most sensitive area of the body… We gals just don’t have the equivalent that can’t take that kind of stimulation.

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Also some power showers can produce a very forceful blast of water.

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Husband says: “Either they have far more water pressure than we do, or he is way more sensitive than I am. But I would need way more data before calling someone else a baby.”

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Handle with care


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I don’t want to be the guy to say “most women just don’t understand” But it is somewhat that way. The testicles are exceptionally sensitive about just as much or more so than the Penis. As was said in a previous post if the water pressure is too high that would definitely hurt. I’ve had mine hurt from just falling water at a water park on one of those tube rides. I’m relaxing on the tube floating down the artificial river, then a decorative waterfall crashes into my lap and i find myself going into the fetal position.

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I was going to say something to that effect, @Resonantscythe, but then I remembered, women have to give birth.

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I’m not saying i understand that pain, but just as i don’t understand the pain of giving birth, (and i really do hate to be the “you just don’t know” guy) you can’t tell me any woman(who was born as such) knows, i mean really knows what it’s like to get kicked in the balls. little kids can be really evil.

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He’s just joking with you. Next time, turn on the water full force and aim well. He’ll love it. Honest!

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Try shoving it at your naughty bits at the wrong angle of approach and see how you like it.

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It’s an evolutionary precaution. The intense pain of hurting one’s scrotum or testicles stays with the person for a long long time, and that person is much less likely to hurt them again in the future, or will protect them better. Since the testicles produce semen, protecting them helps to ensure the man’s reproductive capabilities remain high.

Some men have a less sensitive scrotum and testicles. Previous partners of mine have enjoyed having theirs fondled lightly. However some men do not enjoy this, or have a super sensitive scrotum that makes such stimulation overwhelming or unpleasant.

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Even putting slight pressure on the testicles can be uncomfortable. I doubt that it really “hurts”, but your husband’s point is that it’s not enjoyable, so cut that shit out.

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I passed a housing development on my way home from the gym today called Vinifera. It weirded me out.

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Heh. Vinifera is apparently a type of grape used for making wine, however my username is based on “Vinifera” from the Tiberium Universe in the Command & Conquer franchise, not the grape.

Btw, congrats on your acceptance into the 10K club.

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Still, I was all, I wonder if I’ll reach 10k anytime soon, then, Vinifera Development on the left and I was all WTShit. :P

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@Vinifera7 i knew it! oh man now i gotta go play some C&C :P

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@Vinifera7 LOL. I didn’t do it to hurt him. I was rinsing the soap off of him. I was just wondering the physical reason it hurts so much.

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@casheroo: You’re making me think this is funnier every time you post.


If I took the shower head and gave your eyeballs a good shot of water, you’d be smarting too. For us men, our testicles are like eyeballs. Try tapping your eye lightly with your finger. Pretty sensitive, huh? So even if someone lightly tapped my testicles with his/her finger, that would make me yelp in discomfort. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t give you an excuse to take liberty with a man’s reproductive organs, even if the man is your husband, and especially if he doesn’t appreciate the “fun”. A man’s balls is an integral part of being a man . It’s almost sacred. As a woman, you don’t seem to understand this.


Well, try pointing the thing at your eyeballs and do that to them full force. Same sensitivity. Now you got it? Lol.

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