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What were the best and worst years in your pre-college schooling?

Asked by Harp (19179points) March 16th, 2009
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High school was the best and the worst of it.

So much fantastic discovery happened during those years—so many new experiences, new people. I remember some really cliched moments when we would just sit there, relishing the fact that, yes we were in high school and we were doing teenagery things and how amazing that was (and fuck the cliche). And also doing things really out of the ordinary and enjoying those experiences equally.

But it was also horribly awkward and painful at times: not being able to drive, first kiss, first time, school dances, being uncomfortable in your own skin.

I’m so glad it happened (and that I survived!). I’m so grateful for the people I met and for all of the positive and negative experiences I had. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Oh I’m getting so nostalgic…I might just have to break out my yearbook!

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I just realized that my answer had nothing to do with the schooling aspect, but I think I learned more outside the classroom (trite, I know).

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The worst was in middle school when I was taunted into tears on a near daily basis for wearing braces and glasses and having acne. The best was in high school when I got all hot and some of my taunters apologized to me and I was all whatever, dudes! Eat it!

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I loved the educational parts of school always. But in HS I felt nervous, awkward and sweaty most of the time socially.Except for being in the actual classroom, where I wore my glasses, I stumbled around in a myopic haze.

I perceived myself very differently than my peers did. I learned this at a 45 reunion, which was not very helpful. All these gray-haired dudes with bifocals and bellies telling me about the crushes they had on me.

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I can’t wait for my reunion.

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The best year (and still the best year of my life) was the year I spent in England. I was 15. I got to take a trip to the USSR. I got to see a lot of Europe. I got to drink vodka and eat chocolate on the heaving deck of the channel ferry. I got to play rugby, and cricket and kayak on the Cherwell. I got to show those Brits what was what, by getting the highest score in English, writing a paper on existentialism.

My worst year was probably the year after that. I was lonelier than a comet. I had no girlfriend, and no one who understood me, and it just totally sucked more than I can remember. I have great sympathy for teens, as a result, and am hoping to find some way to help make those years more tolerable.

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Kindergarten until fifth was fine and fun and dandy. If someone asked me then if I liked school the answer was yes.

In sixth grade it got boring. I had a horrible class (all the class clowns were in there), everyone was confused and awkward at that age and there was no sense of friendship between anyone. I knew more than the teacher. I no longer liked going to school. Seventh and eight grade continued along similar lines. Those were the worst years.

The start of high school was fun. I remember being surprised at how amiable everyone was at the start of it. Mostly it felt good to be treated like a person. (Even in eighth grade we had to walk single file down the halls at times.) I liked most of my teachers. I felt confident in myself, as did most people, which allowed for more meaningful social interactions and relationships that I’d ever experienced.

Junior year was the best year. The summer between sophomore year and junior year I changed a lot in the way I viewed myself and the world. I, mostly by chance, met a lot of new people who became good friends. I stopped trying to get good grades, but started getting a lot more out of the classes that interested me (and I loved my classes and teachers that year, for the most part. It was the best year as far as teachers and courses.)

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My worst year was sixth grade, because we moved in the middle of the school year. From New York City to Seattle. Serious culture shock.

My best year was my sophomore year in high school. I had a lot of after-school activities I enjoyed and ran with a crowd of kids.

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My worst year is a tie between:
– 2nd grade I had a horrible teacher who instead of giving me extra activities to stimulate my mind when I finished my assignments before everyone else, would give me pink slips and send me to the principal’s office for talking.
– Or my 10th grade year when my boyfriend and I broke up 7 months after a car accident that left him paralyzed and all of my friends and most of my teachers turned on me making school a living hell. I ended up moving in the middle of my junior year when my mom remarried.

The best year was probably my senior year at my new school when I was on the drill team. I enjoyed having a built in group of girlfriends in a town where I knew nobody. We participated in a lot of community events as well, and that was fun.

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@essieness I can see why those years would be a tie… both are horrible!

My best year was probably 7th grade. I came out of my shell and had a few brilliant teachers in there that really opened my mind. Sadly, it all went downhill from there. I felt like I didn’t really learn anything new (or at least useful) after 8th grade, so I was bored much of the time. In 11th grade, I started suffering panic attacks. By the middle of 12th grade, I was out of school more than I was in. I ended up dropping out. :(

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Middle school was terrible, but 11th and 12th grades were awesome. I was in charge of that fuckin’ school by that point, what what.

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Junior high was very hard as far as dealing with peers, and high school was much better.
Academically, I am so old, I don’t remember struggling more at one point than another

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My junior year of high school was absolutely horrible. I was hospitalized twice, sent to rehab when I honestly didn’t need it, and pretty much just completely lost my grip on the real world. hooorrrrible.

I think my favorite year was my senior year since I was going to an alternative high school. I pretty much did what I wanted when I wanted, and still passed all of my classes with flying colors. Whay!

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I am currently a junior in high school. Everything after fifth grade has been a living hell. Freshmen year was ok and softmore year was ok. This year has been ok, next year should be good though. About a month ago I got an official diagnosis saying that I was ADD “inattentive type”. So yea, I went out to dinner with my dad a few days ago and he basically apologized for making my life a living hell for all these years, because no matter what he did or said I really had no idea how to change. So I think things will get better. If they do I will try to remember to get back to you on it.

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