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Can you remember your first day at school?

Asked by flutherother (29166points) October 9th, 2010

School is a pretty traumatic experience and feels quite strange at first. I know it did to me. What are your first memories of school?

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I remember sitting at a desk and looking with wonder at the cursive letters up near the ceiling and thinking I’d never be able to understand reading. I loved the sights and smells. We had wood floors, chalkboards (they still use those, right?) and great smelling crayons. I felt completely safe, excited and happy in my new clothes and brown shoes with laces. But sad that my best friend was in the other kindergarten class.

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I remember my first day of elementary school… kindergarten. I was sitting cross legged on the rug and my soon-to-be best friend’s mom approached and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was “meditating” because I “was a warlock” and I was planning on making everyone my slave.

I late threw another kid’s Power Ranger toy across the room and knocked over a shelf. The teachers thought I was mentally handicapped, but then they administered a bunch of IQ tests and told me I was a genius and let me teach science by first grade. School was rad.

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Yeah…I cried for 2 hours and then it was time to go home! It was all uphill from there!

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Some of it.

The school was big, old, brick, with a huge asphalt-paved courtyard on two sides, and a tall chainlink fence surrounding it. I know I was wearing a bright yellow dress and bright blue leggings (thank you, 1989). I held my Daddy’s hand and we walked through the courtyard to find my class. All the teachers were outside with their students in lines – shortest to tallest, I’m sure.

I don’t remember my thoughts upon seeing the classroom for the first time, or meeting Mrs. Jensen, but I can describe them to you in elaborate detail. Which is kind of funny, as I was only at that school for five months or so. I hardly remember my second Kindergarten class at all and I was there longer!

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We had to line up outside and it was raining. I was very shy. The teacher gathered us up and led us to the cloakroom where we chose a hook, hung up our coats, took our wet shoes off and put our slippers on. We then spent that first morning sitting on the carpet listening to the teacher. She read a book. Then we had to “nap”. I don’t know that anyone ever fell asleep.

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I barely remember. But what I do remember thinking it was weird that we had to walk in a line!
I remember my brother’s first day of school too. He mooned the entire bus. :]

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It was a very exciting day. I got to wear my brand new red Keds tennis shoes with lace-trimmed ankle socks, a blue pleated tartan skirt, a white blouse and a red sweater . Luckily my older brother was in 6th grade and seemed to like school, so I was thrilled to go. I walked to shool with my mother and about 4 other kids on my block who were also starting Kindergarten. We all had our pictures taken outside the fence that surrounded the school. I carried with me a “nap” towel that sported a picture of Raggedy Ann; my name was stitched onto it. I loved that towel, but thought it was kind of a weird thing to take to school because I was long since over taking naps by age 5. My best friend was in my class, and we both befriended a girl named Ann Marie on that first day. My teacher wore mini-dresses and high heels and had a hairdo and makeup similar to Twiggy’s. She drove a VW Beetle with big daisy stickers all over it. She was wonderful.

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Not really. I had been playing on the school ground ever since I was a toddler, and I knew all the children and all the teachers.

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I don’t really remember last week much less my first day of school! I do remember certain days or activities. Like a picture I drew that the teacher liked and playing on the play ground with all my friends.

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I remember my mom turning her back and walking away. ACKKK! How could she do that?

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I remember running into a corner and crying and crying and never stoped.

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In preschool, I waited outside with my mum, a boy in my class and his grandfather. We discussed Power Rangers. When it was time for class to begin, I went through parental withdraw and cried. I remember spending recess alone.

In kindergarten, I remember getting a cream-coloured composition book. We were asked to write down any words we knew how to spell. I wrote down “apple”. That was a much better way to begin the year. Until we were set free to roam the room and play. Everyone insisted I receive the role of “baby” since I was (by no more than a few centimeters) the smallest kid in the class. I resented them the rest of the year.

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I remember my mom and grandma taking me to school. It was a private school and I had on a ugly green and red tartan jumper with a white collard shirt a navy blue tie. I remember my teacher was really tall and she showed me to my desk. Then my mom and grandma gave me a hug and left. I remember a lot of kids where crying, and it really started bothering me.
I asked my teacher why I was in a class full of babies? Yeah I got in trouble. I missed my first recess, and was sent home with a note for my parents.

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