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Navigation bar doesn't appear in Safari...

Asked by shivian (10points) November 1st, 2007

Question for everyone, as I don’t have a safari based system here to trouble shoot this monster :-( on my site the only CSS not showing up properly in safari (to my knowledge) is the #navigation bar near the top—in safari (apparently) nothing shows up there. ANNOYING! If anyone could help and give me some hints on how to fix this problem that’d mondo rock, thanks!

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I tested it and it looks just like Firefox…

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Well thats awesome, can anyone else confirm this? I have Safari users who are saying that nav isn’t showing up… :-(

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Shows up the same in Safari as on Firefox on my machine. Safari 2.04 on Tiger. Firefox

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Hold up. I browsed the comics at the top, and at some point, not sure when, the nav bar disappeared (in Safari) and won’t come back. No time at the moment to look at your stylesheets and markup, I’ll look later if I can.

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Well, I had a few minutes, but no more, to look at it again. First, I never use image maps like this, and I’m not sure I’ve seen one used for a tab navigation like this before. As an aside, the design would be more accessible to older browsers and screen readers if you implemented the navigation as an unordered list, and used an image replacement technique to add the tab graphics you’ve designed.

Anyway, if I save the file to disk, using Safari, I can view the site without the style sheets loading. When I do this the Nav WORKS, appears and the map areas are clickable (though everything else looks funky and unstyled of course. I have to assume there’s something in your styles as they are applied to the #navigation id that is being read by safari in a way that causes the image not to display—since it is otherwise holding its place in the layout (there’s just an empty space, with the background gradient showing through. Maybe use a CSS validator to look for syntax errors in styles that affect the #navigation id.

Sorry that’s not more definitive, post a message if you figure out the fix!

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divs were stacked wrong, all fixed :-D

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You should see this website, it’s very useful in cases like this: :)

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