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Safari Web Inspector - Keyboard Shortcut for Inspect Element?

Asked by makemo (531points) February 14th, 2010


I’m wondering if there’s a keyboard shortcut for:

1.) Bringing up AND closing (i.e. toggling) Safari’s Web Inspector.
2.) Toggle the Inspect Element feature on and off.

Both of these functions can be achieved in Firefox’ ditto Firebug extension, with keyboard shortcuts applied, but I still haven’t found a way to do it in Safari’s Web Inspector… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Not that I know of, sorry.
these guys might be able to help

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Unfortunately you can only open it with Option + Command + I. No closing though.

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Yes, I’ve been a little (understatement) bummed about that.

Sure, it’s great that you can open it. But why provide a shortcut to open it and then forget to include one for closing it? I think it’s the least one would expect good ol Apple to remember.

Next thing, of course, would be a shortcut to toggle inspection of page elements.

I’d pick Safari any day before Firefox for web development, if it wasn’t for this single caveat. Of course, nothing can beat Firebug in features and power, but Safari is oh so much faster to open quickly and get going with. (In my opinion, Firefox is only usable for web development, and mostly because of Firebug. But Safari’s Web Inspector is a pretty okay substitute for meat and potatoes things.)

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I’m thinking, maybe there’s some way to toggle Inspect Element as well as toggling Web Inspector on/off via AppleScript.

I’m not too at home with AppleScript, though. Tried looking in Safari’s scripting dictionary but couldn’t find anything related to “Web Inspector”, nor “Inspect Element”...

If anyone else knows of some way to do this in AppleScript, I’d be very happy if you could share some knowledge here or point to any info somewhere else.

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