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I have a set of Bose outdoor speakers that I want to hook to my computer. How do I get regular speaker wire to plug into my computer's speaker jacks?

Asked by hoosierbob11 (5points) November 2nd, 2007
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While it is possible to wire the speakers to a headphone plug and connect to your pc, the Bose outdoors are not powered speakers. The audio output of your computer will not be powerful enough to play the bose speakers at a listenable level. You’ll need more power.

To have sufficient power for the Bose speakers, connect the audio output from the headphone jack on your PC to the input of a piece of audio gear with amplification like an old receiver, integrated amplifier or amplifier. This is done using a headphone jack to dual (Right & Left) RCA cable. Then connect the speakers to the piece of audio gear.

To control the volume of the speakers you can either set the PC volume on high and control final volume with the piece of audio equipment (if you use a receiver or integrated amplifier) or set the audio equipment volume at about 11 o’clock (just under half full volume) and use the pc volume control to control the speaker volume (the only volumecontrol option if the piece of audio gear you uses is an amplifier).

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man, that’s what you call a thorough answer
my answer was going to be: you can’t. you need to output to an amp, then to your speakers.

very glad you beat me to it, as is hoosier bob, no doubt.

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