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Will my Gmail contacts also show up in the Mac Adressbook?

Asked by klaas4 (2189points) November 4th, 2007

Hello all,

When I have my Mac, and when Google brings IMAP to the Netherlands, will Adressbook show my contacts from Gmail?


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unfortunately no. to sync contacts, you would need to manually export your gmail contacts, then import them into address book.

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So everytime I want to a make a new contact, I have to create them 2 times?

Oh bugger…

Isn’t there an app to sync them automatically??

PLEASE?! ;-)


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Look up “a to g.” There’s another app that syncs both ways, but I forget what it’s called. Google “sync address book & gmail.”

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I will do it tomorrow (it’s night here now)

Secretly fluthering on my PDA in bed ;-)

Oh, it’s called ABGMerge.

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Related question: I imported all my gmail emails into address book and now my iPhone has been inundated with stray email addresses… Any ideas how manage that?

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a) only go address book to gmail, or

b) create an iphone “group” in address book so that it’ll only sync the contacts in the group (one step in a.b. & one step in itunes, plus maintaining the group).

Unfortunately, gmail adds everyone to whom you reply or send to your contacts, so that list is always going to get dirty.

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Let’s put it this way:
Should I then get .Mac?
Then I don’t have problems anymore, because
a) .Mac is IMAP
b) Access via webmail etc…

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which question

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