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Can I bring food into another country?

Asked by jaustrian (32points) November 4th, 2007

Specifically can I bring a pumpkin pie on a plane into Ireland?

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Usually it’s just raw meat and produce that are prohibited. Just bring it. The worst that can happen is that Irish customs agents get a slice of Americana.

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sure if you want to get simultaneously body-slammed, pepper-sprayed, and tased.

are you kidding? do you think people should be allowed to fly pies willie nillie hither and yon at will? shirley, you jest.

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I agree with kevbo. Sometimes they confiscate it, and sometimes they don’t. May as well give it a try.

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Why not just bring a can of pumpkin pie filling w. you and make the pie in Ireland? There will be flour, sugar, salt and assuredly lard, thereby guaranteeing a short and traditional crust.

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not sure about ireland. i do know that you can’t bring food of any kind into new zealand. minimum $100,000 fine.

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