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What will a doctor do for hives?

Asked by casheroo (18111points) March 19th, 2009

I’ve got hives all over my face. Not the welt kind, but I know what hives look like on my face..and I unfortunately have them.
It’s been 24 hours, I’ve used cold compresses and have taken benadryl. Nothing seems to be helping.
I don’t know what caused them at all. I’ve had them like this once before, and it was from using a topical acne medication that I turned out to be allergic to (benzoyl peroxide)
I haven’t put anything new on my face. I haven’t eaten anything out of the ordinary. I did wear a jacket that was in storage that I hadn’t washed. But why would it affect my face?
I don’t have health insurance, so I’d prefer not to go to the doctors. I’m doing everything I can think of, that they would suggest..but I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know if I’m missing anything.
What can I do about these hives?!

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First of all, how sure are you that they are hives and not something else? Lots of rashes look like hives, but are really not. Does the rash itch? Burn? Is it anywhere else like your scalp or chest or back? Do you have a fever? Tried any new soaps or perfumes?

Now, there are other things one can put on hives or take orally, but I am reluctant to suggest anything without a working diagnosis. Are there any free clinics near where you live, or even one of those nurse-practicioner run places in the mall?

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I can’t think of any NPs, or free clinics. I can look it up though. My GP works with me, with the no insurance..he’ll see me, but won’t do labwork (which is the costly part)
I’ve had these exact “hives” before, and I saw a doctor for them. He didn’t do anything for them, other than tell me to stop using the product that I had used.
I am sick on top of it, completely I had a fever yesterday..the hives started Wednesday morning, I really noticed them at night time. They don’t burn, but they itch and are semi painful. I don’t have them anywhere but my face. They’re clear..flesh colored bumps..looks like acne, but it’s just little bumps all over.
It looks as if I rubbed someone on my face that I was allergic to..but I haven’t.

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Clear, flesh covered bumps? Is there fluid in the bumps? Are the areas red, or raised?

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No fluid, no real redness..they are raised though. Mainly all over my forhead, and my cheeks.

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Well, a picture would help a lot. Not sure what else to add. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to discuss further.

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I’ll try to get a picture.

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over-the-counter antihistamines or corticosteriods should help

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If the regulars of Fluther were stuck on an island like Cast Away or Lost, I swear Shilolo would be the only reason we’d all survive.

I think we should all pitch in to keep him on retainer so he can afford to be our personal Web MD.

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lol @trumi
well, i sent him pictures, hopefully he can diagnose me. haha.

the one thing that it might be is, i went paintballing on sunday, and got shot in the mask. maybe my face is having an allergic reaction to what is inside the balls. they said it was food dye and vegetable oil. :-/

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Even the mask itself might have irritated your skin. If you’re anything like me, it could be hives for no reason at all!

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Having read @casheroo‘s last post… and not having seen the pictures myself i can only venture a guess as to a diagnosis, but to me it seems like contact dermatitis (a form of allergic reaction to a specific substance your skin comes into contact with).

Contact dermatitis treatment consists primarily of identifying what’s causing your irritation and then avoiding it. If this is done, it may take two to four weeks for the rash and irritation to clear up.

In mild to moderate cases, self-care measures, such as using creams containing hydrocortisone or applying wet dressings, can help relieve redness and itching. In severe cases, oral corticosteroids and antihistamines may be necessary to reduce the inflammation and relieve the intense itching.

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P.S. @shilolo is without a doubt the best medical practitioner i’ve read on this site…
i know most of us (there are a few of us out here) don’t come close.

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@Dr_C , you are very nice to give lurve to shilolo. very nice indeed!

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@casheroo How are you feeling? Any better? I have had 2 kinds of hives, one from a tomatoe reaction, all over and one when I contracted Fifth’s Disease. I was 34 when that happened. I had some major “Frodo Feet”.

I hope you feel better. It sucks to be sick in the Spring!

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@mamabeverley My face is still covered in them, and I now have something on my arm..looks like three bug bites. Totally weird. I’m still sick otherwise..and my son just burned me by jumping on me while I was drinking hot chocolate. I now have burns all over my stomach. I can’t catch a break today!

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@casheroo Ask Dr Shilolo about 5th’s disease. It is a childhood thing that causes a rash and fever in adults. As to the bites, they may be the cause. There could have been something from your coat in storage. Keep am eye on them. I got bit by a non harmful spider last summer and my hand swelled up. I was freaking cuz I HATE bugs. Thankfully there are very few venomous bugs here in the U.S. Put a cool wet cloth on your tummy and if you have it, some white vinegar on a cotton ball will help “pull the heat out”. Let me know how you are doing. Being a sick mommy sucks. Get well sweetie!

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