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Did anyone see Obama?

Asked by kritz_the_cat (231points) March 20th, 2009

Obama comparing his Bowling skills to that of Special Olympians on Leno??

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Much ado about nothing (and I didn’t even vote for him)!

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I agree. Not a big deal.

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It was a very stupid thing to say, but he is human and humans say very stupid things.
The important thing is he apologized… I love that our president will admit to his mistakes.

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Obama your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind, Obama

Would you have prefered McCain?

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hes awesome. dont hate.

lets not forget GWB.. 200% imporovement if you ask me

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Yeah, geez. Of all the things he said, that’s what we’re all concerned about? I thought he was great.

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“I believe human beings and fish can co-exist peacefully”

“we need to take action against Iran, Iraq…....Iran?”

-George W Bush

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I thought it went okay. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but he was strong. I remember thinking that he really is treated more like a celebrity and seems way more approachable and accessible than any other president I’ve seen. The ‘mystery’ of the president seems to be absent and what we seem to have now is someone who’s practical, thoughtful when he speaks, humble and accountable. It was just an interesting venue to see him in.

I heard at least a few recycled campaign trail speech bits, but I think we got a chance to see a little more of his exceptionally dry sense of humor, which I appreciate.

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Oh I don’t hate the guy.
I like him.
Snazzy dresser, Black and White.

I was curious and wanted to measure the response.

If it was Bush who had said that, or McCain I can’t help but wonder what these responses would have resembled.

Making fun of the Handicapped, REGARDLESS of context is a little low.
But again, I feel that short of bombing the Vatican, Obama can do no wrong.

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I agree, he’s the best man for the job

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if we only analyzed Bush like this perhaps we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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