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What's your fave social blogging site?

Asked by sethmedia (80points) March 21st, 2009

The question says it

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and tumblr

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I don’t consider Twitter a blogging site.

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Another LiveJournaller.

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Tumblr for the same reason as @wilhel1812 I don’t count Twitter (though I do love it). I had a Livejournal back in the day, but now it just kind of sits there gathering dust.

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Twitter is micro blogging. Which, to my mind, is still blogging. It’s just a bunch of one-line entries instead of long ones that encompass a whole event or day or several days.

I’m an LJer.

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@MacBean Well, thread starter asked for blogging sites, not micro blogging sites.

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@wilhel1812 Microblogging is blogging. Bite-sized candy bars are still candy bars. People with dwarfism are still people. Chihuahuas are still dogs.

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Knives are not swords. Shorts are not pants. A ring is not a glove.
On a side note i consider a Chihuahua more of a rat

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Knives are weaponry. Shorts are clothing. A ring is handwear.

You’re right about the chihuahuas, though.

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Well, i guess you won that part but i still don’t think twitter is the right answer to a question about blogging sites.

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Lurve for sticking up for your opinions. And also for reaching an agreement on rat-dogs.

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