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How to delete wall posts on "new" facebook?

Asked by seekingwolf (10387points) March 22nd, 2009

Okay, how do I delete posts on my wall on the “new” facebook, that is, the updated version that is most recent.

A girl posted her mobile number on my wall, and she wants me to delete the post so that not everyone sees her mobile # (she just wanted me to have it), but I can’t figure out how to delete the post!

Any advice anyone?

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Go to Profile view, and then while your mouse is over the post, you should see a blue X to the right of the post…Click it and it will prompt you “Do you want to delete this post?” and the decision is yours to make…

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If you scroll over the post and go to the upper right hand coner of it there should be a box with a X in it. Click it and it will disappear

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That’s what I was expecting…just like the old facebook…

but no blue x…I rolled over the right top corner of all posts on MY wall and there is no x…hmm..

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If you place your mouse cursor under the “options” link (directly underneath the “share” button…it’s to the left of the little magnifying glass) and hold it there for a second a “Remove” button will pop up.

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You need to go to your wall posts. Same thing just happened to me. Go to account (upper right hand corner) and click on your name. Should take you to your wall where you hover over the message and “remove” appears. Click on that.

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It did not work – no magnifying glass no blue X! I hoved for over a minute

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There is a downward arrow indicating YOUR that .you can see the options like who can see your post,delete post, delete post to delete the post on your facebook wall..

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Remove a post on your wall in Facebook. In the right upper corner of the post you will see the people icon (it will say friends when you place your cursor on it). Then left click it to drop the box, many options including a delete the post option are found. The delete option is found towards the bottom of box. It is amazing how in the age of technology, everything seems to be a riddle or mystery.

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