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Does anyone use Myspace anymore?

Asked by Tizoxic (153points) November 27th, 2011

I recently visted Myspace to see how everything came along on it and thought to my self “Does anyone ever use Myspace anymore?” It seems like people have converted over to Facebook and Myspace is like history. Anyone else think that this is true?

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I don’t even remmeber my password to my account. It had a cool Silent Hill background though. But yeah, I think it’s pretty dead, although technically, it’s still active.

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Not even Tom uses MySpace anymore. He’s on Facebook now.

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What’s a Myspace?~

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MySpace is deeeead.

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@Symbeline I know, right? His explanation of why he’s on Facebook is both boring and hilarious.

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@SavoirFaire Yeah. And couldn’t he use a more recent picture of himself? I’ve known that one since like, 1993.

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I still use Xanga

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Various bands still use it – I suspect it must be easier to upload and display music there. Otherwise, I think it’s all crickets and tumbleweeds.

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@Symbeline But it’s iconic! No one wants to see Tom in his 40s!

So I just checked to see if my father’s MySpace page is there. Nope. It’s gone. Even he decided that MySpace was outdated.

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Not a whole lot of people, I think my account is still floating out there somewhere. I had the sickest profile playlist of all the eighth graders.

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@Michael_Huntington Oh yeah, I remmeber that place lol. Had an account there. Prolly still do, I guess.

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@SavoirFaire LOL that is amazing. But yeah, MySpace used to be the hub of a place where you could become anyone. Like start up a band, design clothes, etc, whatever. Then they kept tweaking all customizable features, like “downloads” for musicians. I remember independent artists had that feature of “free downloads” They still showed it, but it was disabled in reality. The last band to break big off of MySpace in the rock world was, a band called Black Kids. After being signed by Columbia Records, industries decided to help slow down the rise of indepdent artists via the internet by making a deal with MySpace that they would allow free streams of major pop artists in hopes of attracting a general audience. They did so, but the general audience also ate it self alive, with nothing “new” and interesting to see, people flocked over to FaceBook. FaceBook was exclusive to college students at first. MySpacers saw their college buddies on FaceBook and once it was public invite it was cool because one could view a progressive type of person, a college person. And mostly everyone that established on FaceBook was college, and if they were smart and attractive that helped too. MySpace became a tween heaven in my opinion. Tippy kids bullying eachother on the bulletins and having kids commit suicide becuase of top friends was its downfall… Too messy from a designer stand point too.

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News Corp’s who is owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns Fox News bought MySpace for 580 Million. They sold it for 35 Million six years later.


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I used to be on Myspace and Facebook. But now I just use Facebook. I don’t know why one won out over the other, but it seems that Myspace fizzled while Facebook rules the world.

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I logged into my Myspace a couple of times this week for the first time in ages. I don’t think anyone uses it. It was fun walking down memory lane, though. I read all of my old blogs and my old comments. That was fun.

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I haven’t deleted mine, but I don’t still use it. But then, I hardly use facebook either.

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@dappled_leaves That seems to be the game plan for MySpace. MySpace was purchased earlier this year, at a tremendous loss, by some sort of partnership between Justin Timberlake and a company called Specific Media. They, he, seem to want to turn it into primarily a music site, where people can interact with bands, keep up, share music, I guess, that sort of thing.

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I think myspce has less that 1000 users now lol

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Uh, yeah! I use it at least once or twice a year.

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Lol yeah, 3000 users, more than I though but still.

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@lillycoyote That sounds like a better idea than the original.

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I never had a social networking account personally but from others I do know that have them I have to agree, MySpace seems like a deceased fad. Facebook does seem to be much more popular now though I’m not sure why. I prefer not to get involved with too many people, only a very few, so the old classic emailing is good n’uff for me.

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What is with these MyFace and Spacebook sites?

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Had to share this cartoon for a giggle :-)

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