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Can I baggage check a cardboard box?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) March 23rd, 2009

I’m flying somewhere today and I have some stuff (clothes) in a square cardboard box, about 14×14x14 and maybe 20 – 30 pounds at the most. I was going to ship it to my destination, but it’ll be like $20 and take six days. If I check it, it will only be $15 and I’ll have it immediately. Can I check a cardboard box (sealed, taped up, etc) on a flight?

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You sure can. You can check basically anything, so long as it’s sealed securely. I’ve been known to check coolers full of lab equipment.

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Yes, I’ve done it many times. Have a good trip!

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Strapping it or using rope or twine to add to the tape is not a bad idea. Also, label it and/or draw something on it in bright colors so you can tell (and others can too) that it is yours.

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I believe that whatever you do put through baggage check has to be avaliable to search. Each airline has their own rules, in addition to the Homeland Security rules. Call your carrier and ask them what they require.

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Yes, be sure to mark over the ‘EXPLOSIVES’ label.

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