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When you look at past Fluther questions, how far in the past will you look?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) March 23rd, 2009

1 day? More?

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I click anything that seems interesting.

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To the dawn of time- I use the search function and get awesome answers to even old questions.

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I usually check daily, so I just go back until I get to questions that I recognize.

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If you mean peruse the archives, I generally don’t do that anymore. I don’t have all day to spend here, after all.

I do glance through the recommended questions for me, but if there are more than 50 and I’m busy I’ll delete them all without looking through them.

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I mean go to HOME, and keep going back in time with the questions.

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I never do that. If I go to home, I only look at new questions. I do search for questions on certain topics frequently though.

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I do exactly what @syz does.

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With ME, I feel it’s a waste to respond to a question posted more then a couple of days ago since chances are good you WON’T get a response. To me, that would be a waste. Why post something for the sake of posting something?

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@Mr_M – in response to your last comment….sometimes, though, there may be an opinion or view about a topic that hasn’t been offered, yet. i guess it is all about perspective…i answer questions to help the “asker”, not to “get a response”. if the asker was sincere in asking the question and indeed needs an answer, then you might get a response.

so, to answer your question…when i was a regular fluther-er I usually checked the site daily, so I, like syz, would only check back to where i left off the previous day.

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But even the askers drop the question sometimes after a few days, (I know I do) so you don’t really even know if someone is reading it.

Personally, I like to be able to “bump”. I think it does a good thing. Otherwise, a date/time stamp on posts would be beneficial.

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Oh don’t bring up that date/timestamp issue! I’ve heard it’s been discussed in the past to interesting conclusions.

I would hate for questions to be bumped. I don’t want the front page promoting questions simply because there are recent comments in it. That’s what the Activity for You is for.

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When I first joined, it seemed rather slow…so I went back a week, even two weeks. I also click on the recommended questions on the side of questions, but try to only answer questions within the past month. I don’t go back anymore, but I’m a little OCD about reading every question since my last visit. I don’t answer them all though.

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Never past the first page.

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