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A question for all new Flutherites and former users: Are you adding new friends to your personal 'fluther'?

Asked by mattbrowne (31633points) March 25th, 2009

Well, when I first learned about the ‘add to your fluther’ feature I kept looking for all the familiar avatars and nicknames from It’s probably a normal reaction. Then I realized it’s very important a go a step further. I’ve already received so many wonderful comments and replies and questions. My fluther will continue to become more and more diverse. Our roots will always remain part of us. But we’ve discovered a new continent – or shall I say a new planet in the vast internet galaxy – and its inhabitants are very friendly. They don’t look like ET. They look just like us. What do you think?

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Yes, i’ve added a few new ones. I’ll add more later once i get to know them! :)

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A note. There is a limit on how many you can add right now. I think it is 200. This is for performance issues. So don’t go crazy.

*that is from what I have gathered. Don’t quote me.

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So far you and Simone are the only one’s I’ve reconized here, it’s only been a couple days though.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 , my kindred fan of useless information. How are you?

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@johnpowell I reached that limit about a month ago. I decided to remove several people, ones that haven’t added me or people that haven’t been on fluther for some time. I’ve started to add more again, I’m sure I’ll reach the limit soon with all these new jellies.

@mattbrowne I would like to add you. You have a great attitude and I really like the questions that you have posted. :)

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@The_unconservative_one hey bud, good to see you. I’m doing pretty well. speaking of useless information I got a job offer from yesterday.

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Cool! I don’t know what kind of site that is. Let me check it out.

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It’s sort of like twitter?

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I’m glad you’re so excited Matt! :)
I’ve added a few of you new kids, the ones I’ve seen really make an effort and who have had positive and useful things to say and add to discussions, hopefully I can keep adding more of you. :)

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@The_unconservative_one more or less on a lot of steroids. KGB stands for knowledge Generation Bureau, essentially they answer any and every question you could possibly have, from who was the NBA rookie of the year in the 69–70 season, to “how awesome am I?” it’s a pretty nifty idea.

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I do it in spurts. I mean, I don’t touch my fluther for months at a time, then I’ll go through and get everyone, usually with the help of some better put together Fluthers. So I’ll wait. And watch. And go on a mad spree in like a month.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Make sure you add yourself to your fluther ;-)

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They look like us, but they have these weird tentacles hanging off of them. Do you think it’s contagious? :)

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@The_unconservative_one heh heh, that’s pretty clever. There’s some things on here that I really like, but if I could make one change to this sight it’d be the ability to reply to a specific post, not all the @hoobadoobahalabalu stuff, seems like more effort than what is needed.

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I’ve been here since last August, and I still don’t really understand the point of a fluther. I don’t really use mine for anything. This is probably heresy, and people will wish I hadn’t come back. Ah well.

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@jonsblond – Thanks. Well, I think the 200 limit is okay. Performance should have a higher priority. There’s always community “turnover” like in real life. Some people join, some people leave. On I checked my friend list about once every quarter. If people have not logged on for several months I deleted them.

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@asmonet – At my company I’ve witnessed a lot of mergers and restructuring. That’s very normal in the IT business. Well, the shutdown announcement and subsequent Fluther “immigration” or “merger” is my first online experience in this regard. I’m a people person :-)

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@Jiminez – My first thought about the mascot was, hey, this looks like scyphozoa from the phylum cnidaria but all the tentacles were cut off except for three of them…

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Yes- I have been added to, and have added new flutherites to my fluther. I am meeting some incredible minds this week.

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I haven’t added anyone yet. I’m no to worried about “collecting” friends, I’m just happy answering questions and having discussions with anyone who posts a good question/reply to a question.

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I added fellow wis.dmers that I also had friended over at but I have added 4 or 5 flutherers so far.
There were a few people here that caught my attention the first day and I knew I had to add them, I am sure I will add more as I get to know them and their questions and answers a little better. :)

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Of course, there are great people here.

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I’ve added some of the new people. I’m enjoying some of their questions and answers.

Welcome to Fluther – enjoy! :)

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I’ve added anyone whose responses I’ve seen have been interesting and well thought-out.

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