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Anyone know this movie?

Asked by MCBeat (164points) March 25th, 2009

Trying to find a movie briefly mentioned to me about a girl chetaing on her Marine boyfriend. I know the details are vague, but… I can’t find it! Any ideas

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Aha! It rings a bell… it a war movie? Pearl Harbour, maybe?

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@JellyB nope but good try, i love that movie though. (josh hartnett? ..drools). i think it’s a more current movie. not sure if it’s a war movie. gah, i wish i had more information about it.

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@MCBeat Darn….sorry, i have no idea! Hope you find it!! :)

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Can you give us a decade of release? Country of origin? Time period of the movie?

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Any details about the story you can remember?

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Ahhh I thiink I know what movie you’re talking about, that is if it’s a recent movie. But I googled and IMDB’d what I thought the title was, and never got anything, so I got the title wrong I guess. :/

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@MrMontpetit do you know any of the actors or actresses? anything that would be helpful? please? =) =)

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@MCBeat, not Jarhead? Jake Gyllenhal?

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@MCBeat No, sorry :( My mom rented it and I just saw bits and pieces.

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