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How does Apple TV work?

Asked by May2689 (1291points) March 26th, 2009

My boyfriend got me Apple T.V. for my birthday but I dont know a lot about it…what are the good things? the bad things? thanks!

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The good things are you can download movies and TV shows in HD to watch on your HDTV. It stores it all like an ipod for your TV so there’s no looking for DVD’s and stuff.

The bad things are that you have to pay Apple for the movies and TV shows and they are often more expensive than if you bought them on DVD. Also, unlike DVD’s, you can’t trade them in when you’ve finished with them so it may well cost you more.

It is possible to rip DVD’s to watch on it but you’ll need software to do it and it can be quite time consuming.

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You can stream content from your Mac or PC to your Apple TV and that would inturn put it on your HDTV.

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you can also rent movies right from the menu system, no more trips to blockbuster, plus there is rumors that blockbuster wants to join Apple to bring there content thru AppleTV.

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Oh yeah… you can rent movies from itunes at about the same price as renting them from a shop (at UK prices, don’t know how it compares in the US)

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