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How does the "Security Fence," Israel is building differ from me building a fence that wraps around my neighbors swimming pool and rose garden?

Asked by TheIowaCynic (582points) March 26th, 2009
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Does your neighbor routinely strap bombs to his chest and blow himself up in your kitchen?

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@Michael This is a non-response. First off, according to Israel’s own human rights organization, B’Tselem, the IDF has killed 13 times as many women, children and civilians as all the Israelis killed, by all Palestinian groups combined.. So right off the bad, this is a non-starter.

But let’s imagine that what you present is true… have poor Israeli’s trying to defend themselves on one side, and evil people with Bombs on the other. This still, in no way explains the bizarre and circuitous route that wall takes, effectively stealing portions of Jerusalem and many many other valuable pieces of Palestinian land…or what little left of it there is.

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If you touch your neighbors rose garden fence or try to scale the fence or try to breech the fence and you are killed by guys in nomex suits and hoods using high powered rifles, then there is no difference. If the Jews decided to run the wall over Arafats grave or in Mahmoud Abbas (President of the Palestinian Authority) bedroom and ran out of money I would send them a check.

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@Cardinal You are chalk full of hatred and, I’m guessing, have no idea what’s actually going on over there. Are you aware that there’s an 8–1 kill ratio and the people killing the 8 are newcomers, who have moved into land that wasn’t theirs and taken it…...and the people killing 1 are the natives who have had their land taken from them?

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