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I have too many cleaning products, and I've heard that you just need five. Can anyone tell me the minimal number of cleaning products I need to provide myself with a clean home?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) November 28th, 2006
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do you care about toxics? i say baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, dish soap and bleach.
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clearly bleach is toxic, but the rest aren't. there are also lovely nontoxic clean-all products by some company with a lady's name (like that's helpful.)
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I love the Seventh Generation cleaning spray. great for using on tiles in the kitchen or in the bathroom, works really well, and it's not harmful to the environment. Other than that I just keep dish soap, laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent in the house.
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I lean towards nontoxics. Mostly I want to stop the profusion of specialty cleaners around the house, especially if there are one or two cleaners that can basically be used for everything.
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occ-can you use the cleaning spray to clean inside toilets, or do you use bleach for that?
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So...what do you use to clean mirrors or windows? What is a good alternative to Windex or the other general cleaning products that are used? And....what non-toxic can be used to get rid of mildew in the tub?
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Baking soda is fine instead of cleanser, and baking soda and white vinegar (foams up as you know) will remove grease from counters and pans. A good sub. for an SOS pad is a wedge of lemon dipped in baking soda. Agree w. occ that 7th generation products are great. Salt is also a good mild abraisive.(Hi, Daniel)
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windows: bucket of water, 1t. dishwashing detergent, a little white vinegar, newspapers and a cloudy day.
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Re: mildew; bleach is only choice...or hanging in sun (which is difficult to do w. bathtub.)
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And finally; Dr. Brauner's liquid lavender soap - dishes, clothes, hair, cleaning paint brushes, bubble baths, hairbrushes, dogs, prob. cars.
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And absolutely my last word:
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has everything from shaving w. peanut butter to weird uses for jello, pepsi, alkaselzer, powdered skim and the produces discussed above.
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I got curious and found this; it is perfect and has green ways of cleaning everything (plus using left-over ingredients for a good salad dressing.)
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I'm more of a commercial product man myself, and I'm a sucker for good design... I love the method line of cleaning products... biodegradable and pretty to look at. You can get them at Target or a bunch of other places.
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bon ami is a good non toxic toilet bowl cleaner. I don't think I can say more than has already been said about this.
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I agree with Andrew about the Method line of products. I've tried nearly all of them and I find them to be pleasant, non-toxic and really good. The pink grapefruit spray is awesome, the wood cleaner is very good and I especially like the laundry detergent.
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I'll chime in to say I like method also.. but I also want to throw another one out there:
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While it isn't actually listed as being "Green" by most people, it's still pretty non-toxic
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*that "pretty" was a typo - it IS non-toxic.. and it'll clean just about everything except for * Plastic instrument panels * Leather * Suede * Unfinished wood * Opals * Pearls * and Chrome (according to Wikipedia) and I have had bad experience with leather :(
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Finally, as for the 'five cleaners' thing, i have 4 - Dish soap (method is great, as said above), bleach, simple green, and last but not least: 'Awesome' (as seen on TV, i think). I found it in a dollar store, and thought it was funny - but it works great on carpets and furniture - especially when friends drink too much at your wine tasting, and decide to give back some of the wine all over your couch and carpet.
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also, ms. meyer's cleaning products. they smell lovely, too.
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I recently tried baking soda and vinegar on my tub with little luck. I'm afraid Comet did me proud.
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You only need ONE. It's called "Basic H" by shaklee. It's a super concentrated natural product that you dilute with water for almost anything - mold, dishes, floors, walls, fabric. I think you have to order through someone - but I happen to sell it so give me a call on my cell.
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I've been enjoying a couple of cleaners called "citra-clean." I think they're non-toxic, and they smell like oranges and it makes it nice to clean with them.
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I’m a Mrs. Meyers cleaner fan myself.

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